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Zepha de Sol Le Fleur

CHARACTER NAME: Zepha de Sol Le Fleur “Zepha”

Played by: Violet Carpenter

GENDER: Female

CLASS: Cleric

AGE: 23 years

RACE: Human – with a hint of Syndar

HAIR: Blonde and long

EYES: Blue as the sky

OCCUPATION: Zepha is an herbalist and healer.

KNOWN SKILLS: Zepha has healing skills and is learned in medical herbs, flora and fauna. She can also cook and bake fairly well.


APPEARANCE: Zepha is a cheery, easy going girl. She likes bright colors and dresses. She has slightly pointed ears and long golden hair. She always has a sketch book handy and loves to carry around a large sunflower.

NOTABLE TRAITS: Pointed ears, but otherwise looks human.

RELATIONSHIPS: Zepha generally makes friends easily, but is a little nervous around Ulven. She is a bit flirtatious, but is not currently in a romantic entanglement.

RUMORS: People are unsure of who Zepha is and why she’s around. There are some rumors that she was a slave girl, other rumors about her parentage, and a few rumors about her not being the sweet girl she seems.

BIO / BACKGROUND HISTORY: Zepha is the eldest of 3 daughters. Her parents are human, but she looks like part Syndar… Her parents lived in Faedrun and were very poor. Her father had always been harsher with her than her sisters and after the move to Mardrun, he decided to arrange a marriage for Zepha. This marriage would ensure the family with some land. Zepha was vehemently against the idea, but was sold to a prominent Ulven as his wife. Luckily, she conspired with some of her captor’s underlings who weren’t so fond of his leadership and got away. She does not consider the marriage legitimate and will tell people she was kidnapped instead. Zepha is always on the lookout for her former captor, but appears easy going. She loves to travel and is very interested in nature and herbal medicine. She frequently draws new plants and animals in her sketchbook. She is currently wandering with some rogues, but is very open to helping other groups of people or joining other parties. She also prefers warm weather and may travel to warmer areas in the winter. Zepha currently has no idea where her family is. She misses her sisters and mother, but is relieved to be away from her father.

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