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Ymir Goldenfield

PLAYED BY: Maya Charles
CHARACTER NAME: Ymir Goldenfield
GENDER: Female.
CLASS: Rouge.
AGE: 19.
RACE: Ulven.
HAIR: Brown.
EYES: Golden.
KNOWN SKILLS: First aid.
BIRTHPLACE: Clan Goldenfield in the east of Mardrun.
APPEARANCE: Soft and friendly, kind eyes.
RELATIONSHIPS: Older sister Astrid Goldenfield. She stays at the clan.
RUMORS: There are none really.


Ymir’s parents died when she was a pup. She was raised by her older sister Astrid Goldenfield. Astrid taught Ymir to be a huntress, showing her how to set traps, and how to skin and clean her catch. Ymir also learned basic archery and combat skills from her sister. As Ymir grew up she started to yearn for something more adventurous. She knew there was more for them our in the world and Astrid felt the same. So they left the clan, trading and hunting their way through Mardrun.

After several months of traveling, the two sisters started to yearn for home. While making their way back to Goldenfield, the two stumbled upon a small group of Mordok. Only a day’s travel from home, they decided they could make a run for it, they knew these woods.  The Mordok quickly approached and attacked.  They were able to get a couple down, holding their own and pushing back just enough for an opening to run. They saw their opening and took off. Unfortunately in the midst of running, Astrid stepped into a hole. Her body flung forward, but her leg stayed behind, stuck in the hole, resulting in a seriously broken leg, and leaving Ymir to deal with the Mordok alone. The fear made her heart race. With that extra burst of energy, Ymir fought until the last Mordok fell.  She immediately fell to her sister’s side to access her wounds and tend the broken leg. With perseverance, they pushed on toward home, the journey stretched to a day and a half, but they made it.

Astrid’s broken leg healed terribly. leaving her substantially disabled and keeping her grounded to the clan. Astrid urged Ymir to continue traveling, for the both of them, but to return to the Clan often to tell her stories of the things she had seen. So now Ymir travels all around Mardrun, hunting and trading. Often returning to her Clan to tell of her travels.

She made her sister a promise, and she intended to keep it.


Dear Diary,
Day 350

I made it to the shield at long last – I figured my skills could be useful here. I have been making silver selling furs and some small game. I stumbled upon some dead Mordok earlier today, but luckily I did not run into anything else. They seemed to have been dead for a few days. I went through what was left of what was around and found a small knife.

Some time later I passed some humans who asked if I had any food to spare. I told them I had a little  and they traded 2 silver for the half rabbit had left from my catch earlier in the day. They thanked me and went on their way.

Anyway, I better get back to the trail, there is a village nearby. I will probably stay there for a while.

Until next time

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