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Played By: Casey Wharton

Voltiare is 25 year old May’kar born Cleric, though you would not guess it by his garb or manner. Voltaire carries very little of his heritage, save for some of his clothing choices. The only things he still carries from his past life are his father’s sword, his religion, as what little remains of the family shrine dedicated to Solar. Little is known about Voltaire’s past outside of what he will tell you, but his story mirrors many of those who fled the old world, having lost his family to the undead and taking flight to Mardrun at the age of only 14. When he arrived, Voltaire took to odd jobs and minor skullduggery to get by until he was hired by a priory as a menial. There, Voltaire took an interest in study, and was tutored by the priests in the ways of the divine magic. However, Voltaire was a man of action, finding far more contentment in action than study. He had been trained in the ways of the sword by his father, but not to the skill of a soldier by any means. Regardless of his limitations, Voltaire set out to make the world better in his own way, and fell in with a band of mercenaries under the command of one Kled Winthrop. Voltaire took to the work like a duck to water, learning the arts on leading men and furthering his skill with a blade. However, during a particularly nasty run in with a group of highwaymen, Voltaire was injured. His companions got him well enough to make it to a small hamlet, but had to leave him there on account of an infection that began to war over Voltaire’s then broken body. When he awoke from his stupor, he claimed prophecy and enlightenment in a fit of hysteria. It was during this episode that Voltaire met his now compatriot and leader, Elzerith.

As of now, Voltaire has taken to a martial position with the Blades of Sol. As he is one of the few members of the company with much combat experience, Voltaire was elected to into the role of overall commander of their fighting forces outside of the Solarian guard, command of which being bestowed unto Ghant Az’ka as Elzerith’s primary bodyguards and protectors. Voltaire has taken the honorific of High Martial with his position, though it is nothing more than formality and flattery, and he does not require that anyone address him so. He works closely with Elzerith and the other blades to secure their holdings and maintain order where it is needed. However, outside of the battlefield, Voltaire can be found within his tent which he has converted into a small mobile chapel to his god, in which he performs his rituals, drinks his wine, and speaks to those who will listen on matters of spirit and philosophy. And when he is not in his chapel, he is out socializing with the populous, giving aid where he can, and comfort where he cannot along with the followers in his company.

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