PLAYED BY: Mike Hale
GENDER: male
CLASS: Warrior/mage
AGE: 41
RACE: Human
HAIR: brown
EYES: hazel
KNOWN SKILLS: sword and shield, archery, scanner magics
SECRET INFO: uses arcane magic defensively and will do what it takes to survive unless it would cause the loss of innocent life.

Uthyur was raised by a warrior father and mage mother. He was brought up in both disciplines, but favored the warrior. He did however do quite well with the magic side as well. It is mainly defensive reactive though. His mother wanted to make sure he had an edge to safe guard his life.
The warrior teachings of his father taught him the meaning of the words courage, honor, and justice and it had become a huge part of his life today, so much so that these words are engraved into the cross guard of his sword.
Because of this teaching, he will follow his conscience and what he believes will let him follow those beliefs, even if it looks as though it isn’t the smart or popular choice.
He isn’t from an overly wealthy family but they were not peasant class either. He will work for his money, but does not fight for it if he believes it to be dishonorable. Mainly he hunts for his profession and is proficient in many types of arms. His father’s teachings oft times left him in the woods to survive by his own devices from an early age. Because of this he is very at home in the woods as well as the city.

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