Uriel is a member of the Phoenix tribe of the syndar, who lived in the May’kar dominion. At a young age he traveled with the trading caravan and took his calling to be one of the Protectors. It was a duty that he took very seriously; scouting ahead in the dessert to find safe places to camp and keeping night watch over the camp with the other protectors. He also had the job to help teach the young phoenix in learning basic sword skills and archery.

At the young age of 25 Uriel earned the right to where the black and red hair roach that only a warrior who had performed a heroic service to the tribe may where. He earned this right by protecting the caravan from bandits that had tried to raid in the night. During the fight he had saved another Protectors life. At the age of 48 Uriel proved that his courage went further then just his fighting skills. One night while traveling, the caravan was hit suddenly by a fierce sand storm, after hours the winds calmed but not every one was accounted for. One of the young had wandered off before the storm hit and had not been seen since. The loss of the child had grieved the tribe greatly they had no way of finding her after the storm and many of the Protectors were convinced that to look for the child would leave the caravan unprotected and may end in more losses. The mother pleaded with the leader of the Portectors to send a party, but to no avail. Moved by her pleas, Uriel volunteered to go on his own to see if he could find her. With no way to know were the girl wondered off to Uriel prayed for a sign from Solarus. He then looked to the sky and saw a bird who had landed on a rock. It looked a him and then caught flame leavening just a feather and ash, the wind caught the feather and Uriel followed it to an oasis, miles away. There he found the young girl sleeping under a tree the feather turned from red and gold to white and black Uriel kept it as a gift from Solara. He took the girl and carried her to the caravan returning her to the arms of her mother, earning Uriel the respect of the rest of the Protectors.

Uriel means “Fire form on high” because of his post in the tribe some of the younger phoenix think he is scary and mean and sometimes he is called rude, but that only lasts till they are old enough to learn what he really does for the tribe. Some of it has turned into a joke, because the tribe understands that this is for their protection
When the Phoenix went to the sea, Uriel did not argue and went along so he could help protect his people. He fought in the skirmishes against humans and at the age of 58 he stepped on to the boat and watched his home disappear from his view for the last time.

During the trip, Uriel stayed topside even while the storm raged, because he never spent a night inside. When the ship finally made land Uriel lead a hunting party to find food. As soon as a new home was founded, Uriel returned to his calling as a Protector, spending his free time exploring his new home.

Because of his position in the tribe, he had one of the few steel swords on the island. He used it to help make new arrows and bows, and insisted that every one at least learn to use a bow no matter what they did back home or if they had one yet.

When the Phoenix met the people from crows landing Uriel was a little over protective and didn’t know if he could trust the humans. But the younger members of the tribe did not have the miss trust that Uriel did, so he thought it best to push aside his feeling on the matter and return to his role as a Protector that would watch for danger and act only if need be.

With finding out the undead now roam on this land/ Uriel now travels with a small group of Phoenix traveling in the land of Mardrun; this fits well with his nomadic personality that springs from a need to always be moving around.

He enjoys exploring this new land with other Phoenix. He still remembers fondly his days in the desert but accepts the fact that even though he is only 87 he will never see the land of his birth again.

Uriel dreams that the young may live to see a day when the dead may rest in peace, never to rise again.

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