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Upcoming Event Schedule

Upcoming Events

To access our upcoming event schedule, you will need to create an account on our Last Hope forums.
Click here to access the Upcoming Events section of our forums.

Combat Practice – Every week we host a combat practice that is several hours each time. This is a great chance for new players to join, practice the combat mechanics, and ask questions.
New World – Every month we host a single or multiple day event in the current Mardrun storyline.
Old World – Once a year, usually in the fall, we host a large event we call Old World. This is a “prequel” event to our storyline where we go back in time and play out events that happened in the past.
Conventions and Ren Faires – Periodically throughout the year, Last Hope will be attending and doing demos at renaissance faires and gaming conventions. For example, we regularly attend the Midwinter Gaming Convention in January in Milwaukee, WI and the New Glarus Ren Fiare in October in New Glarus, WI.


To get notifications and to find out more information on our events, we recommend that you join our Facebook group.
Click here to access our Facebook group for the Last Hope LARP.

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