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Trevor LaFont

Character: Trevor LaFont
Player: Andrew Berner
Class: Mage

Trevor LaFont’s family were some of the first humans to see Mardrun. When the nation of Aldoria began sending colonists to the new continent, the LaFont family went in search for a new life, away from the undead plague. Word of the new continent had reached them and the promise of escaping the coming darkness was all they needed. So, years before the mass exodus from Faedrun, the LaFonts braved the ocean to land on Mardrun.

Beekeeping and mead-brewing were the endeavors that had won his family its wealth, as well as more than a few academics and they had never had a taste for conflict. The family packed up what they could of the apiaries and gathered any willing household members and retainers. The journey was mercifully smooth, but when they landed they were met by bestial warriors, who called themselves Ulven. When Lord LaFont made his intentions of settlement clear, he was struck dead on the spot. Fortunately, the LaFont family had always had a matriarchal structure anyway. Lady Lafont then boldly stepped forward and offered a gift of mead to the Ulven who took it and departed, without further bloodshed. The LaFonts took this as a sign that they had befriended the Ulven (though in reality, this was not the case), and proceeded to build their new home. The Ulven returned a few weeks later, but chose to leave the family at peace due to the martial force that had arrived from Faedrun.With the help of the Aldorian soldiers and a few of the neighboring families, the LaFonts were able to erect a small fortified estate over the years, where their bee pastures could produce honey for the various wonderful products that were enjoyed so much.

Though they had taken a risk, abandoned their nobility, and left so much behind, the LaFont’s had survived and created a peaceful, if harder life for themselves. Time passed, the Estate thrived, and trade with the Ulven became common after the peace treaty was signed. Trevor grew up slightly sheltered from the harshness of the new world, due to relatively comfortable life on the estate. The chores were hard, but there was always food and the Ulven along with the few LaFont guard kept most of the dangers away. He excelled in many academic pursuits, enjoying the library that had so carefully been transported from Faedrun. True to his LaFont blood, he showed an aptitude for magic and medicine, as well as a touch of madness. Unlike a typical LaFont, Trevor did not shy from combat. As a boy he spent much time training with his half brother Heinrich.

At the age of 12, Trevor fell into a deep coma when he was kicked in the head by a cow that he was trying to milk. His mother and sister cared for him during this time, but it was all they could do to keep him alive. He experienced several, vivid fever dreams in that time, fantastic adventures against monsters and to places he had only ever read about, if not made up entirely. After nearly two full weeks, he awoke, and has since recovered, if not fully.

After that, time passed, Trevor grew up. The exodus from Faedrun happened, and many of the things young Trevor read about became real. His half brother, the person he was closest with, left to become a mercenary. Conflict broke out. The Mordok had been the only real threat, but now thing had become more complicated. The feuds and politics of the Faedrun spilled into the New Continent. Everything was changing, but maybe it wasn’t all bad. He decided to join the larger world. He knew his younger sister and mother could run the estate fine without him. There were people to meet, places to explore and mysteries to solve. He would be there when they honey caravans were running and the mead needed bottling, but for now there were too many other things to do. It was time to leave the safety of his family’s estate. It was time for his real adventure to begin.

LaFont colors: black, teal and purple
Heraldry: A gold trimed purple and teal bee on a black field

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