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Timar Longfang

Player: Scott Derge
Race: Ulven
Class: Warrior

UPDATE: Timar Longfang was killed in the Battle of Blackwolf Creek in March of the year 263. The warriors of Pack Longfang fulfilled an honor debt to Clan Stormjarl and helped defend their settlements and protect their warriors during the Clan Grimward invasion of the winter of the year 262. After months of skirmish fighting and retreating back to the main Clan Stormjarl settlement, the Pack Longfang warriors stayed to help protect the final remaining settlement. When Clan Grimward warriors launched an all out attack in March of 263, Pack Longfang warriors sacrificed their lives to defend the main route into the settlement and keep Clan Grimward from massacring the ill-equipped Stormjarl militia stationed nearby. With brutal and savage fighting raging for hours almost non-stop, Pack Longfang warriors were slaughtered almost completely. Only a handful of warriors were dragged back to the healers; the elite warriors of Pack Longfang were decimated.

Timar Longfang gave his life after holding out for hours, weathering the brutal assaults of Clan Grimward. Cut, stabbed, and beaten, Timar held out longer than some warriors half his age. Knowing this would be his last fight, Timar channeled his built up anger from years of training and fighting and unleashed his rage on the enemy time and time again. Timar was cut down alongside Harlok Longfang and before he bled to death, he summoned his last bit of strength to fly into his final berserker rage. Crashing through the enemy line, he lashed out against the Grimward warriors and killed or maimed several of them before being taken down. Timar bled out on the battle field and the oldest living member of the Pack Longfang warriors finally earned his warrior’s death.


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