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Throm Nightriver

• Player Name: Tyler S. Dubey

• Character Name: Throm Nightriver

• Gender: Male

• Age: 35

• Race: Ulven

• Hair: Shaved

◦ Facial Hair: Red and ringed

• Eyes: green/blue mix?

• Occupation: Warrior/ Former Warpack Leader

• BirthPlace: Clan Night River

• Appearance: Stocky, Grimacing face,

• Notable Traits: Face is covered in ancient ulven rune’s tattooed on to him.

• Bio: Second Eldest son of Gorm Nightriver

UPDATE: Throm was killed in the fighting during the war against the mordok in March of 267. He gave his life during the push north into the swamp in Clan Shattered Spear territory.

• History:

“This one will be strong like the Great Wolf!” Said Branthur when he laid his hands on his

cousin’s second born son. “Throm should be his name! Let it be a name of strength and


Little did Branthur know what his cousin would have sired for some time. For the first

years, Throm’s life was like that of normal ulven children. But when he became the age of 7, his

personality of a bright eyed boy filled with laughter changed completely to a boy that was stern and obsessed

with challenging himself. By the time he was 9 he would was as strong as his eldest brother, whom

was 14 at the time. This frightened Throm’s mother, but it only amazed Gorm, Branthur’s cousin,

even more at the bloodline he has sired.

Over the years, he brawled, fought, and skirmished with males in his clan and others, till

eventually he was 21, when the colonist’s appeared. His father came to him and handed him large

two headed axe and said, “Go forth and show them the true might of the Ulven. Show these

foreigner’s what it means to stare into the maw of the Great Wolf!”

Throm gladly took up that mantle, and accelled at doing so. The warpack consisted of

some of the best warriors from each clan. Leading them to victory after victory this warpack soon

gained a nickname among the colonist’s: Hell Hound.

When the Watchwolf Treaty was signed though, the war pack was disbanded and left

Throm to lead the occasional assualt or reconnesance against Mordok tribes in the Great Forest and

Great Wolf Hackles. This bored him greatly, it brought no thrill to his hunt, to his story that he

would some day tell. This led to Throm venturing into the woods to try and find a challenge worth

his time…

Then Grimward began to invade the West Watchwolves, invade Stormjarl, and attack

colonists. When Branthur took up arms to defend his guests he had Throm stay back and police the

territory, train and moblizie warpacks, and prepare them for holding back Grimward. This didn’t

please Throm in the slightest. Even though it is considered taboo for Ulven to fight one another,

he still felt that what he was doing was wasting his time.

Earlier in the year 264, Throm went to Branthur and demanded he be allowed to go

help Stormjarl, where two of his brothers and sisters were currently being made to work as thralls

for Grimward.

“If you are so interested in testing your so called strength then go! I have no time to play


SOMETHING WORTH WHILE!” bellowed Branthur Nightriver. Throm didn’t shrink back like

the others in the hall did when the yelling came, in fact he smiled. For Branthur was right, while he

did care for his brothers and sisters, he cared more for proving his strength and prowess in battle.

He grabbed his axe, mace, supplies, and armor as quickly as possible. On his way out of

the settlement, volunteer’s followed him, wishing to join him in his quest to help save Stormjarl

from Grimward control.

That was four months ago… Now Throm Nightriver has been captured along with some

Stormjarl warriors he was attempting to save. They now toil day in and day out as thralls for

Grimward’s local warpack, under close watch. Throm’s armor, gone; silver, gone; identity, all but

nearly forgotten. So he works, and waits. He waits for the opportunity to show Grimward what it is

like to face a former member of the Hell­Hounds…

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