Player: Tim Heise
Age: 31
Born in the year 230

Thorn was born 2 years before the journey to the Island of the Phoenix began, in the May’kar desert. His father was a hunter and a Luthier, and his mother was a basket weaver. During the journey, Thorn’s father saved the life of another Syndar when he was out gathering plants to eat without any one else with him. Some bandits came upon him and he yelled for help. Thorn’s father heard him calling for help and with two Syndar the bandits did not want to press their luck. After that the two men became close friends, the man had a daughter 2 years older then Thorn named Celeste and the two children became friends and were inseparable on the journey. When it came time to board the ships, there wasn’t room for Thorn’s family, so Celeste begged her parents to bring Thorn with them on their ship. Thorn’s parents parents had a bad sense about the ship without the captain and pushed to send him and his newly born baby brother with him, on the ship with the more experienced captain. They put Celestes parents in charge of their children. Thorn’s parents were lost at sea with the ship that didn’t make it to the island. All he had to remember them was his father’s book of hunting secrets and his lutherie tools.

Once life of the island had started to settle, leader Lindur of the Protectors of Solara, needed to rebuild his ranks, having lost most his warriors on the journey. With the help of Uriel, he selected younger children from the tribe that showed potential and embodied the qualities of his warriors: patience, compassion and humility. Most are chosen at the age of 10 then an even smaller number is then partnered with a young Magis in training and will earn the title of Kyrsenshi. Because Thorns parents were gone and he had such a close kinship with Celeste, Lindur spoke with Raina and Thorn was among the few chosen not only to be trained as a Protector but also as a Kyrsenshi. He was pushed at this young age to learn the ways of enlightenment and sanctity of life through meditation and the pursuit of physical perfection.

Of the many weapon styles taught to him by Lindur and Uriel, Thorn is most proficient with the staff, a highly defensible weapon. He views fighting as a tool, a physical discipline that, when combined with meditation, will help him achieve spiritual enlightenment. Kyrsenshi are also taught to be very stealthy, and to embrace the shadows as well as the sunlight. Because of their beliefs, they consider the Undead to be a perversion of nature, and a blight on their world to be eradicated. Kyrsenshi are also taught first aid and a small amount of mage abilities to protect their lightly armored bodies in combat.

Thorn studied, trained and constantly sought enlightenment. As a Kyrsenshi he spent most of his spare time with Celeste, something that he never minded. She understood him as well as he understood her, they were raised together, trained together and as the years passed by, they slowly realized they had always loved one another. After talking about it with Raina, they were joined together in the eyes of Solara, a custom that is uncommon in their culture.
He has a reserved, yet friendly personality and is very curious. He tends to be a bit headstrong and acts before thinking, while still obeying the tenets of his order. Thorn always tries a diplomatic approach before resorting to fighting. He feels that if he has to resort to violence, he has already lost the upper hand. This does not stop him from defending his friends or those in need of help.

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