The Ulven are one of the two races indigenous to Mardrun, the other being the Mordok. The Ulven were considered demons by the first setlers due to their apearence and this led to several battles. Ulven religion centers around a nature Goddess named Gaia, with women they call Witches as the spiritual leaders. They also believe when they die they must answer to The Great Wolf for their deeds in life. The People of the Wolf, or just the Pack, as they call themselves, are somewhat wolf like in appearance. With some this is just their eyes or fangs but with others it is both. Their style of dress is very reminiscent of Viking or Celt, and they are most definitely a tribal culture.

If you like a race with tribal culture, strong ties to the earth, and a strict code of honor, you should play an Ulven.

Ulven Culture and Religion

Ulven FAQ

Ulven Clans & Packs

A Clan is a larger group of Ulven by geography and is made up of numerous Packs. A clan is led by a Clanleader and is advised by an appointed Warleader and the clan’s High Priestess. A clan’s population is usually about a thousand members (smaller clan) up to tens of thousands or more (for the larger clans).

A Pack is a smaller group of Ulven that band together for a singular purpose and carry on traditions within their own Pack and is made up of a number of families. A pack is led by a Chieftan and a Priestess. A pack can number roughly several dozen to several hundred members.
*NOTE: These estimates are still being worked on.

Clan Nightriver

Clan Grimward

Clan Stormjarl

Watchwolves Clan

Clan Spiritclaw

  • Pack Stargazer

Former Clan Riverhead

Clan Shattered Spear

Clan Axehounds

Clan Whiteoak

Former Clan Squallborn

Clan Steinjotunn

Clan Ironmound

Clan Goldenfield

The Clanless:
Pack Longfang
Pack Bloodfang
Pack Ironhide

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