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Thanderion Typhylos Wellintiar

Player: Michael Hannes

Character: Thanderion Typhylos Wellintiar

Age: 38

Race: Syndar

Eyes: brown

Hair: brown

Class: mage


Arcane magic 10xp

Meditation 0xp +1

Thrusting weapons 0xp+2+5

Trade Merchant 5xp +3

Total xp costs= 26


Thanderion was born to a wealthy family in the Capitol city of the City of Seven Gates, on the continent of Faedrun. His father, Etherion, was a renowned duelist and very well practiced in fencing and made a living as a fencing instructor. Thanderions mother, Nytheria, was more practiced in magic than martial ability. From a young age Thanderion was taught how to fence from his father, training vigorously day in and day out. His mother wanted to teach him more about magic but he was more interested in his fathers teachings. Out of love for his mother he learned the basic arts of arcane magic, though it never held his interest for long. As he grew older Thanderion became almost as skilled as his father in fencing. Learning how to adapt and parry, his footwork and speed became weapons of their own.

As much as he loved fencing Thanderion grew to love something even more so, something so enticing that it pushed him to leave home and explore on his own. Women. Yes, Thanderion fancied himself as skilled with his tongue as his rapier. Dashing, suave, handsome, funny, sultry, well endowed, these are all words that people use to describe Thanderion. Perhaps it was the fact that his parents were married, something more rare in the Syndar communities, that caused Thanderion to become such a self-proclaimed romantic, but it didn’t really matter; Things seemed good. All was going well for Thanderion, until the plague.

With the scourge of undead rising Thanderion tried to find his family and make for an escape but could not find them. He searched the streets of Teilorian and finally found his father standing over his dead mother. With horror, Thanderion watched as his father turned and revealed his own undead visage, rapier in hand poised for attack. Though he was reluctant to fight his own father Thanderion valued his own life more.  Among the chaos in the streets, the father and son fought. Unlike most of the undead that Thanderion had seen before there was something strange about his father. Though his body moved slowly like the other undead, it was unmistakable that he had managed to carry over some of his fencing training. His footwork and posture, though pained, were obviously still that of his father.

Thanderion felt hopeless for he had never beaten his father and his reluctance to kill him weighed him down more than any armor ever could. He danced away from his father’s sword and parried the blows that came too close. It hurt to see his father’s signature maneuvering that had always been so effortless, become encumbered by the heavy body of an undead, but if the fencing carried over, maybe there was still more of Etherion inside. Thanderion continued to parry blows, never exchanging with his own, all the while he begged his father to recognize him. He plead with the shambling body to come back and be his father again, but there was no answer. The blows continued. With time Thanderion surrendered to his fate and knew that the man that was his father was gone and that he would have to kill what remained. With all the training Thanderion had fighting against his father he had learned many of his tells, but he had never been fast enough to take advantage of them. In his father’s slower, undead state all of those tells became openings. Etherion’s left leg was back and his foot turned outward signaling, as it always had, that he would attack to his left. Thanderion read the strike and parried it following up with a riposte straight to his fathers skull. The body slumped over and Thanderion dropped to his knees, but he couldn’t grieve for long as more undead rounded a corner and started to shamble towards him. Thanderion grabbed his fathers rapier to keep as a piece of his father and his old life to remember him by. He sprinted for the docks but was too late and the final ship began to leave.

In desperation Thanderion jumped into the sea and swam after the ship calling out to them. Finally, a rope was thrown over the side and Thanderion was pulled on board. Safe and alone at last Thanderion wept. No other family made it to the ships and Thanderion stared at his fathers rapier, replaying what just happened in his mind. As the ships made way they happened upon the continent of Mardrun. Thanderion became sort of a wanderer as he went from town to town. He settled in the city state of New Hope where he tried to become a fencing instructor like his father, but it wasn’t as profitable as he had hoped. Instead he made a living as a simple vendor selling foods, weapons and armor. He came by the armor through various means, either won from gambling or given as compensation for rapier instruction. As time passed Thanderion grew more lonely as he really had no one but himself. He tried to quell such feelings by visiting brothel after brothel, but alas even the tremendous amount of wine and women couldn’t help him feel better.

He spent so much time filling others holes that he had trouble finding someone who could fill the one in his heart. Until he happened upon the Brown Chicken Brown Cow. This brothel was more well kept and tidy unlike the others Thanderion frequented. The Mistress Marrah already new of Thanderions “appetites” and suggested a few of her girls to satisfy his thirst. Thanderion became a regular at Marrah’s feeling as if he was at home every time he stepped in the door. He also made good friends with Arameous, Marrah’s main boy in the brothel, who even taught Thanderion a few things about “thrusting”. He was staring to feel happy again, and then he met someone that would change his life forever, a new companion at the Brown Chicken Brown Cow by the name of Saffiyah. Her beauty rivaled that of Solara herself, her eyes as bright and blue as the vast oceans, her hair as gold and red as the burning sun, her smile as captivating as the full moon on a clear night sky.  She had to be his. Every time he looked at her his heart beat faster, his hands would tremble, and his jaw would drop. He had to have her. He had never felt a yearning like this. He purchased her company for a night and felt something he hadn’t felt in a long time, love. From a single night Thanderion had fallen in love with Saffiyah, as she did with him. Though it was risky seeing as Saffiyah was a companion and Marrah wouldn’t be happy, so they kept it a secret. Thanderion still used the services of other companions in the Brown Chicken Brown Cow but every time he always thought of Saffiyah. Perhaps one day they will be together freely without having to keep secrets. Perhaps one day they could live together happily. Perhaps one day they could marry, and have children of their own. Perhaps one day…..

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