PLAYED BY: Dylan Seager



CLASS: Warrior

AGE: 22

RACE: human

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Blue

OCCUPATION: Drunken fighter

KNOWN SKILLS: Sword and shield fighting


APPEARANCE: tall, armored, and often mistaken for a bandit

NOTABLE TRAITS: I’m an average guy


I was born when the undead were attacking. I don’t really remember much from back then because well, I was young. I do remember they got to us one day. My mother handed me my baby sister, Bonnie, and told me to run. I tried to argue with her, but eventually I ran.
After days of running and hiding I made it to a boat crying, hungry, and tired from carrying my little sister. I snuck aboard, which isn’t hard to do when no one is paying attention to an orphan. I sat in a darkened stairwell for what seemed like forever. Eventually the boat started moving. The last of the food and water from the pack my father had given me ran out the second day on the boat. I carefully placed my sister behind some barrels on the makeshift bed I crafted for our journey, shushing her to sleep. When she closed her eyes began her peaceful breathing, I took my leave. I had to find us some food before she began crying out of hunger. I wandered around the boats making sure I never once gave anyone a reason to give me a second look. I turned the corner to duck into the kitchen and smacked into a rock of a man. I landed on my back and when my eyes opened there were dark grey ones staring back at me. The man, Jurrok, looked at me with curiosity. I looked away at first. I couldn’t handle the sad look he was giving me. “You’re the one that’s been taking the bread. You know how I know?” I shook my head. “You don’t use a knife. You break little pieces off because you’re not big enough to reach the sharp knife,” he stated. “I could if I wanted to, but it’d make too much noise and then I’d be caught,” I spat back. I wasn’t about to let someone call me little after all I’ve been through. I lost my mother, my father, grams and gramps, and even my best friend. I didn’t know if I was going to make it or worse if my sister was. I started to shake. I was trying not to cry. Men don’t cry and I had to be a man to take care of Bonnie. “You’ve been through a lot. I can see the death in your eyes. Must of lost many loved ones, everyone has. I myself lost my wife and my son. They were killed right in front of me. You remind me a lot of my son,” he said with a sad tone to his voice. He turned his face towards me and smiled. “Which is why I’m going to help you. No one knows my story, but everyone knows there’s a kid on board that isn’t with a family. That’s you. I’m going to bring you to the captain and claim you as my son. That I thought I had lost you, but you’ve been on board this whole time. You won’t have to steal food and you’ll get an equal share like everyone else. That okay with you?” I sat there staring at him for what seemed like hours. Why was he being nice? I couldn’t understand exactly why, but it didn’t matter. I felt like I could trust him. “My little sister too,” I asked. His eyes lit up and a smile spread across his face. “I’ve always wanted a daughter.”
When we made it to a new land Bonnie and I stayed with Jurrok. I took care of Bonnie and helped Jurrok with chores, and he taught me how to fish, cook, and hunt. I learned a lot that first year, we all did. When I turned 15 Jurrok decided to teach me how to fight. Every day for three hours we practiced with shields and wooden swords, we continued this way for years. Once I was good enough, he took me out hunting. One day when we were out hunting I spotted a deer; I wasn’t close enough to get a good shot off so I tracked it until I could. I must have tracked this deer for hours through thick brush and woods. The deer stopped at a small creek to drink and I got ready to take my shot, when some twigs broke off in the distance and scared the deer away. Disappointed and empty handed I stood up to make my way back, but as I looked around I realized I was lost. I thought for a long time and just stared out in every direction trying to remember which way I came from; eventually I made my decision and headed out. After a few hours I realized that this was probably not the way back. I was so lost and tired I decided to make camp.
I made a small fire and ate some rations I had in my pack. When I was going to sleep I put the fire out and made my way up a tree. Jurrok was always one to err on the side of caution so he taught all the hunters how to safely sleep in the trees. We are in uncharted territory and need to be careful. I continued to do this for a week, give or take a few days, until I was caught and tied up by a couple of Ulven who called themselves Whiteoak. When it got darker I pulled the knife I had hidden in my boot out and started cutting at the rope. I know I missed a few times and cut my arms, but the blood made it easier to slide my hands out. When the bigger of the two guys went to sleep I made my move. I pretended like I had to pee and the one that was awake angrily took me out, keeping his hand on my shoulder so I couldn’t run. About 20 or 30 ft away from the little campsite I “tripped”. He didn’t even have time to realize what had happened as he fell on top of me, landing with my knife in his gut. I moved quickly to ensure he died quietly. I took what little supplies he had on him. I went back to the campsite only for my equipment and left quietly. One death was more than enough to make my escape, no sense in killing the other guy.
A day or two later I came across a raiding party with humans who were wearing green, I did not know if I could trust them so I kept my distance. The ones in green intrigued me, so I decided to follow the small one who I heard them call Puckerman a time or two. I thought that was an odd name for someone, but dismissed it. After night fell and people left the area, I still chose to follow this Puckerman. I decided I would talk with him because he seemed the most trustworthy, being able to cast divine magic he had to be good, right? Night fell and I lost track of him for some time, but as I made my way towards the crossroads everyone else had gone towards, I saw him with two Ulven men and a guy with one eye all being attacked by bandits. Deciding I could help, I quietly killed one of the bandits who had gotten close. They finally caught up with the rest of their group. I continued to watch the ones in green. I followed them all the way to their settlement which they called Crows Landing. After a few days of watching the settlement, I decided I could pass as a traveler. I walked into Crows Landing trying to seem non-threatening, but how unthreatening can one look when you happen to look like me. Considering I have spent weeks out in the woods without a bath or a change of clothes. It’s probably why that woman screamed when she saw me. That scream hurt my ears and when it stopped and I looked back up there was that guy Puckerman staring back at me. Next to him was an Ulven with a scar across his eye and two armed guards. “Hello,” I said. “I didn’t mean to scare anyone I’m just looking for a place to clean up and rest. I’ve been lost for some time.” I swear they were going to throw me in jail. I grabbed the hilt of my sword ready to fight when Puckerman spoke. “About damn time you show your face. I’ve been wondering who was following me around. Figured you weren’t bad because otherwise you would’ve attacked when our defenses were down. So I let you be, but hell I thought you’d show up sooner. Almost started thinking I’d gone crazy.” “You still might be,” said the scarred Ulven. “If I was wrong Tobias, then I’d be dead. This guy looks like he could eat me.” “Come on now Puckerman we both know you can handle your own,” smirks Tobias. Puckerman just shrugged, but I knew it to be true. If he wanted to kill me he most certainly could. “So what shall we do with you,” says Puckerman. Weakly I respond, “Well I could use a hot bath and meal first, but after that I’m sure we can figure something out.” “Indeed we could. Come on! The inn is this way!” Puckerman shouts as he starts walking away.

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