“Do I like the Syndar? You mean all of them, or just one particular one? The have a strong connection to nature and that’s good, well some of them do at least but… some of them can fight, umm …are you still here? Go find someone else to bother!”
Kragen Bloodmoon Ulven Warleader

Who are the Syndar?

The Syndar are the eldest and most long-lived of the three playable races in Last Hope Live Action Roleplay. Their culture goes back farther than the history books of man can document. Their skin varies in pigmentation far beyond the normal coloration of humans, and they have ears which taper into points. From the shadows, they watched mankind take its first faltering steps towards creating the kingdoms of the old world. They are the children of the Sun and the Moon, and the stewards of the mana stream which gives life to every living creature and is the source of all things magic. To outsiders, they appear to be a fae and mysterious race, and rumors and campfire stories paint pictures of them as kin to spirits of nature; wild and fierce one moment, wise and calm the next, wielding powerful magic as if it were second nature to them.
Of course, the best campfire stories have at least some basis in reality.

If you like a proud, long lived magical race with varied appearance and a unique culture, then perhaps you should consider making a Syndar character for Last Hope Live Action Roleplay.

Known Syndar Bloodlines



Syndar FAQ

NEW FOR 2013!
The Syndar Player’s Handbook
This handbook details out most of the information found in the Syndaq FAQ but expands on a lot more information. It is a comprehensive guide for all player’s who wish to play a Syndar and learn more about their culture and history.


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