Player: Kollin Bode

Name: Syms

Gender: Male

Class: Cleric

Age: 21

Race: Serous Syndar

Occupation: Divine Elector, Acolyte, Researcher, Student

Skills: Greater Divine Casting, Literacy

Birthplace: New Hope

Appearance: Young, and thin, sporting long brown hair, and short pointed ears.

Notable Traits: Poor eyesight, garb of mixed wealth, and brash, for a Syndar.

Relationships: Family; Ilias Keys, Ramona Keys, Cara Keys, Other; Elzerith (Mentor), Niedre (Colleague), Golden Hand (Elector)

Rumors: Some think him reckless and too quick to trust. Others say he’s ashamed of his Syndar heritage, and wears his hair long to appear Human at a glance.

Young life as a Syndar has often been deemed a simple one, filled with academics, chores, and many other a day’s learnings. Although there is so much more to the city of Newhope than just Celestial Arragonnes’ district, it is here where many of the Syndar colonists live, grow up in, or go to school. We’re taught about our past as a race, about the rights and the wrongs in the world. We’re taught about the perils we may face in lands far from home, and how to make the most of our status as simple refugees. While all these teachings may serve well the more careful decision-makers among us, one lesson sticks with me more than most. That although we may be more gifted in our purpose than others in touch with the mana stream, we are not meant for ourselves. We are all people of thought and purpose, and it is our duty as their superiors to aid them in their struggles. Time and time again, I have read the scrolls that talk about the honored few, the sanctified clerics of the Reclament, fulfilling their sacred duties to our people. For as rash as they may say I am, I know for a fact that the aid of others is not a dream born to fall in the mud. And that the real aid is to be given on the frontier of discovery.

So I know, in my heart of hearts, that though the adventuring life is often one of peril and despair, my help, given to those in need, is worth any sacrifice I may befall. So with my belief, I take on this mantle of health, and bare it to my friends, and show them that though fear is near, hope shines much brighter. For now, I tend to my studies, and daydream of a life of adventure and purpose.


Syms, from a young age had felt uniquely disconnected from his kin. As one of the first Syndar born and raised on on Mardrun, Syms’ upbringing was set apart from theirs by often multiples of generations, and hundreds of miles.

Raised by his mother in the vast city of New Hope, Syms was firmly driven into an academic childhood. With his mother frequently leaving town for work with The Reclaimant, Syms often found himself staying with a human family. His schooling kept him separated from his mother and often would punish him for his human traits, which he couldn’t help but possess.

Upon completing his primary education, Syms joined his mother in her travels, and properly devoted himself to the service the goddess Lunara. As his devotion to Lunara grew, he found himself parting with his mother, and traveling with a caravan dedicated to providing aid where it was needed, The Golden Hand. Syms took charge of their research needs, utilizing his education and the knowledge passed down by his mother.

During his journeys with The Golden Hand, he found himself upon an island inhabited by the undead. But instead of feeling fear or revulsion toward the creatures that look his ancestral home, Syms was overcome with pity and longing. In his encounters with the Wraith, he noticed a fragment of her former self that seemed to make her seem whole, more whole perhaps than some beings deemed more living than her. Her love and purpose resonated deeply within Syms, sparking a profound realization.

Syms craved connection, genuine friendships, and true family bonds. He yearned to deepen his faith, seek solace at his mother’s grave, and reconnect with his human family.

He initially had reservations about leaving his duties within The Golden Hand unattended, however, after being chased away from his duties by an escort in an unfortunate series of miscommunication, he was able to set his worries behind him and start his journey home.

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