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Sylv – The Lady of Fields

Sylv, The Lady of Fields, The Elder Goddess of Plains, Spring, Life, Hearth, and Farmers.

Sylv’s worshipers tend to be found mostly in the region of Richtcrag known as Cul’Claimete, an area with rolling hills and grasslands. Due to the type of land surrounding where she woke, it wasn’t too surprising that she picked up certain traits. With the rich soil and fair weather, she easily became a goddess of the common folk, and slowly turned into a goddess of the hearth and life. Because she provides her worshipers with good soil and weather for the crops, healthy livestock, and safety of the home, she is often prayed to by the common folk and farmers. She is viewed as a motherly and embracing deity who teaches patience and to wait to see the fruition of one’s hard work.

Sylv is an active deity when it comes to her followers, helping moderate the weather and the condition of the soil, and ensuring that her worshipers’ livestock is strong and fertile. Many pray to her for strength during childbirth, and during planting season for a good year for the crops to come.

The Lady of Fields is usually depicted as a young woman with long red hair with green eyes as bright as a clear sky. She is often wearing a bright green dress and a simple corset. Upon her head is a circlet of polished copper with three feathers: yellow, green, and blue. Usually fluttering around her in the depictions are cardinals, ovenbirds, and golden finches.

Sylv is often worshiped in small village temples or at small family shrines near the house or farm.


Worship of Sylv

Sylv’s worshipers traditionally pray at noon, praying for the strength of their crops and livestock and protection of their family and home. The prayers often have small and meager offerings, usually of flowers and other small gifts.

For meditation, there are generally no rules regarding asking for mana from Sylv to perform spells for her.


Rituals of Sylv

Blessing of Hearth: This ritual is often done when a new home is built or being moved into. A cleric will go through the house and place protective wards, cleansing the area with sage and often consecrating a shrine within the household to Sylv. This often takes around thirty minutes but allows the family some modicum of protection from negative influences and often helps with safe childbirth.

Blessing of Fields: Before the planting of the fields in the spring, a cleric of Sylv is often called to bless the fields with a long chant, prayer, and an offering of holy water from a freshwater spring. These prayers often bring the blessing and careful eye and touch of the goddess to the field in question, and usually show great results during harvest.

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