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Svart Revur

PLAYED BY: Jayson Benson
CLASS: Rogue
AGE: 38
RACE: Human
HAIR: Greying Black
EYES: Hazel
OCCUPATION: Hunter & Ulven researcher
KNOWN SKILLS: Lore: Survival (0), Armor Proficiency (1), Trade: Hunter, (7), Traps and Devices, (8)
BIRTHPLACE: Northeast Vendregon
APPEARANCE: Unassuming, tall, dressed in black armor, can blend in well in both nature and crowds
NOTABLE TRAITS: A human who seems obsessed with the Ulven, Svart is quiet and often listens far more often than he speaks. His stoicism can at times make other uneasy, but he is generally positive and wants to help those in need. His penchant for sarcasm and wit does not help matters.
RELATIONSHIPS: While he behaves as if he is an Ulven without a clan, he dreams of one day being adopted into a pack and treated as an Ulven.
Svart Revur was born as Brandt Earthentoil in Vendregon, however his grandparents emigrated from Marais-Enceinte in Rightcrag in 198 before the region fell to the undead. The family were able to secure a small piece of land and began to use their patriarch’s farming skills to sustain themselves in their new land. Brandt’s parents raised their children in the ways of their homeland and remained devout followers of Yasin as they had been taught by their parents before them.
Almost immediately after he was born, Brandt’s father began to make plans that would allow his son to join the Íoclaochra roaming the land. Their brightly colored armor and beautifully adorned hats fostered in him a desire to make sure that his son got off the farm and lived the far more lucrative Íoclaochra life. As soon as he was had the strength to hold a short sword, his father began to search for an Íoclaochra to take on his son as an apprentice. After much searching and no small amount of convincing, a lesser-known Íoclaochra named Eist Gøtueiði agreed to take young Brandt on as an apprentice. As far as his father was concerned, Brandt had already become an Íoclaochra the day that his apprenticeship began. It never occurred to him that Eist may not see the boy as anything other than a perfect pupil. Brandt’s father was to be let down. It became clear to Eist early in the apprenticeship that the boy may not have the disposition to serve as a warrior-for-hire for the rest of his life. During their lessons on duels Eist was dumbfounded when Brandt began to try negotiating his way out of the duel in the hopes of gaining an understanding of the problems that led to the fighting rather than simply cutting down his opponent and moving on. Eist tried to remain patient, hoping that his apprentice would grow to appreciate the cold realities of life as an Íoclaochra, however the final straw came when Brandt’s questions cost Eist a contract. They were meeting with a nobleman in Valinate, when instead of simply taking on their paid task, Brandt presented alternative solutions to the customer that did not require steel. The nobleman heeded Brandt’s advice, and thus the contract was lost. This was the final straw for Eist, who promptly returned Brandt to his father. Eist made it clear to both that Brandt would never be an Íoclaochra due to his penchant for not relying upon his steel first and asking questions only after his opposition was eliminated. He also advised that he would warn any other Íoclaochra to never take Brandt on as an apprentice, effectively ending his father’s dream.
The sense of shame and anger was palpable almost immediately. His father did not reject him from the family outright, allowing him to remain on the farm if he kept his mouth shut and worked hard to help the family. If there was any discontent or issues caused, he would be forced to leave. Brandt’s mother did little to soften the situation, as her take was that all was Yasin’s will. Despite his broken relationship with his parents, Brandt toiled on his family farm for a further two years. As the undead threat and war with the May’Kar was at the forefront of their minds, the news of the discovery of Mardrun caught Brandt’s attention. He immediately began to find ways to trade for goods that were of value, hoarded what little silver he came across, and made a plan to get away. Tensions with his father only grew over time, as his father loved to point out Eist’s observations and that he would never amount to anything of value. Brandt became jaded by the culture of Rightcrag, began to see the Yasin as a farce, and struggled to keep his mouth shut about his beliefs when his father would lash out at him. His interest was piqued by the Vendregonian culture that he began to notice and pay attention to, and finally recognized that there were alternatives to the life of his parents. He was simply done with his family and their ridiculous life and expectations. He needed something different.
Upon his 18th birthday, in 251 Brandt decided enough was enough. He fled the family farm in the night with his valuables and headed to Aldoria to start a new life. He wished for Brandt Earthentoil to cease to exist and wanted to eliminate any traces of himself so that he could not be found by his parents , Eist, or those within his community. He sold anything he had of value and agreed to join a group heading to the Mardrun to help with the settlement of the new colony. When he arrived, he took on the name Svart Revur and began to explore his new land. He familiarized himself with the land as best he could, helped farmers to become established, and began to trap and hunt game to provide for himself. He refused to plant roots in the new colony, as his greatest fear was becoming trapped in his life the way that his father had been. When he first encountered the Ulven people he became completely enamored by them. Their warrior culture had sparks of connection to the familiar steel-first culture of Rightcrag and the Íoclaochra, but lacked the pomp and circumstance. While he did not regret his choice to forge a new life, the pangs of homesickness could be relieved by being with the Ulven people. His new name was partially chosen as a way to better connect with the Ulvens where his birth name connected him to the people he left on Faedrun.
Svart subsists as a hunter so that he can remain completely independent. He is happy to help where he can, and often lends his aide to those in need that he encounters, but his years of working silently have caused him to become socially awkward. Many who he encounters walk away from the experience feeling that he was unduly brief and somewhat cold. Svart can sense this, which is partially why he chooses to exist on his own in the Ulven lands rather than establishing himself in Starkhaven or New Aldoria. This also affords him the opportunity to observe and learn more about the Ulven people, their culture, and their rituals. He leverages the knowledge he gained in his Íoclaochra apprenticeship as well as the lessons he’s learned from experience on Mardrun to live a somewhat anonymous life, and as a result his lack of social skills can be perceived by others as his attempt to jettison his “civilized” life for that of a more rugged Ulven roaming Mardrun. Svart sustains himself by roaming the outskirs of the Steinjottun lands and has an understanding with the sentries there. By roaming the lands, he can observe their culture and can work towards integrating himself into the clans. He also relishes in the neutral nature of the clan, and the fact that they seem indifferent to his curiosity. In particular, he works hard to emulate the attitude of pack Fleetfoot and the idea that there is always something to find if you know what to look for. He badly wishes to engrain himself into their pack so that he can learn the secrets of their tracking prowess and better himself as a hunter. He feels that the pack leads the ideal Ulven life that he so badly wishes he had.

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