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Lord Suroth Doro

Played By: Ian Loebl

Character Name: Lord Suroth Dōro

NOTE: This name is written with the surname preceding the first name.

Gender: Male

Class: Warrior

Age: 23

Race: Naran Human

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Gray

Occupation: Head of House Suroth

Known Skills: Wields a warhammer, and is extremely intelligent in matters of governance

Birthplace: The island of the Narans

Appearance: Tall, and wearing robes or rarely armor. Rarely shows emotion except in certain cases.

Notable Traits: Has an accent, and is very devoted to honor and to contracts.

Relationships: Travels with the monk Kyoshin Shi, and the priestess Lapis Rae

Rumors: That when loosed, his temper is enough to level mountains.


My story begins in my grandfather’s time, when the Nara Pentare were a strong people. Isolated within our mountains, we lived our lives with honor and dignity. At least, so I am told. That all came to an end when Nara was attacked by the undead. They fought, without honor, and killed many of us, raising them from the dead to join them. We might not have survived. But, so my father said, our leaders were wise, and had constructed a fleet of ships, which carried some of our people away, my grandfather and my infant father among them. They sailed for quite a time, eventually finding land, and settling down. There, we began to rebuild. On that land, my grandfather died, and my father became the head of our House, eventually creating me, his son and heir. My childhood was full of learning, about war, and about our culture and history, rich and full of honor. I could have learned the sword, but I chose to honor an old tradition of our family, and I learned the warhammer instead. On Faedrun, our small but prosperous lands were known for their smiths and small metalwork. As a consequence, generations of we who ruled honored the smiths by using hammers. When I turned twenty, my studies and practice were brought to an abrupt end when my father died, and I took leadership of our house’s establishment on Mardrun. The next few years were filled with administration and papers, but one day, an interesting piece of news came to us. Evidently, there were Narans on the mainland of Mardrun, among the Colonies. This caused a stir, and debate began at our highest levels as to what to do about it. It was eventually [[#|decided]] that they should be tested, to see if they had kept to our ways, or if the outlanders had corrupted them with their undesirable influences. Those corrupted would be cleansed, to [[#|ensure]] that the Naran people would remain pure and uncorrupted. I was selected to accompany the monk Kyoshin Shi and the priestess Lapis Rae on their expedition to do so. As we arrived, we discovered that, as was wont to happen, the foolish outlanders had gotten [[#|involved]] in a war, and Mardrun was gripped by chaos. This made our task even more difficult, but no less vital. A failure will not be tolerated. To cleanse the Naran people is a great and honorable duty, and I embrace it, no matter what the cost will be.

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