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Stivanger “Stig” Roan

PLAYED BY: Andrew Schultz
CHARACTER NAME: Stivander “Stig” Roan
CLASS: Rogue
AGE: Late 20ʼs
RACE: Human
HAIR: Dusty Brown, depends on my last washing. Red, if I have made a kill recently.
EYES: Blue
OCCUPATION: I wander, watch, work for food. Sell my knowledge.
KNOWN SKILLS: Gathering information, looking menacing. Blending into a crowd when needed.
APPEARANCE: Just another human. Tall, average human.
NOTABLE TRAITS: Rather tall for a human.
RELATIONSHIPS: While working odd jobs I have come under the employment of Marrah Faile. On occasion I come in contact with Kara Skywillow at the Brown Chicken, Brown Cow.
RUMORS: Rumors? I doubt anyone even knows my name. Well, besides the ones I start myself.

BIO / BACKGROUND HISTORY: I, like most humans my age, was brought to Mardrun as a child. I have very little recollection of my childhood years in Faedrun. What I do recall is a small village, a small farm, and a forest to explore. I also recall the word Vandregon being used on occasion. I have a strong certainty this is where I came from, maybe? When the undead came, my village was rushed off in the middle of the night by armed men. We were marched for days to the coast, being constantly pursued by those rotting things. When we arrived at the coast, I was separated from my family in all the chaos and packed onto a boat. To this day I still donʼt know if my family ever made it safely to Mardrun. My journey throughout Mardrun has been one of scavenging, wandering, and honing my skills. From the very start I have had to make my own in this new land. When I was smaller, offerings from others came easier. Once I started getting larger and larger, the handouts became less and less. Luckily, manual labor was never in short supply as settlements started to pop up. I never stayed in one place long enough to settle though. With all my travels came a lesson. People tend to speak more openly when they think no one is listening. This “listening” was my education on Mardrun. Most days it was nothing more than idle gossip, but on occasion I heard bits that actually had value. Value to men with large purses and even larger ambitions. This was the beginning of my trade in information. Over the next few years my skills grew as the information flowed. Speak the right words and money just appears. As with most ventures though, when the value increases so does the hazard. Now that I had a firm grasp on the art of listening, I needed to learn how to blend with my surroundings. Hunters always knew the best way to sneak up on animals, maybe those same concepts would work with people. I spent the next couple years “shadowing” hunters, learning the trades of the wild. This came to benefit in multiple ways. I now had the skills to walk among the crowds, and survive off the land when no one was buying the information I had. The final piece is to create a web of contacts to spin my tales to. This brings my story to recent times. Where will I go next? Who will I meet? Only the future will hold those answers . . .

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