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Simone Fitzsimmons

Name: Simone Fitzsimmons
Age: 19
Race: Human
Occupation: Herbalist. Heals people with magic-y stuff
Known Skills: Observation. Listening.
Birthplace: Faedrun
Appearance: Black hair that she usually keeps down, shorter than most people,
Relationships: presumably plenty of Order members know her since she grew up in the Order

Fear. Leaving the old world, coming to the new world. To Mardrun. It was all I had. Fear of the dead. Fear of the water. Fear of the fangs. Fear of the… monsters? Mordok. They’re called mordok. The fear kept me alive. Survival instincts are just another fancy term for fear. Bravery is just a fancy term for ignoring your fear.
I don’t remember my parents. I know they were part of the Order. I also know they died before we got to Mardrun. I don’t know how. I never asked. I do know that I came to a new place, alone and horribly afraid. Surrounded by adults I didn’t know. I know that the people I met here saved my life. I know that the place they took me was the only place I felt like I could breath. I know the things they taught me, about Arnath and his teachings. The big people who wore their heavy armor suits, I called them the smart ones. They marched in their bravery costumes with their short hammers and courage shields. I could never imagine being that close to something attacking me. I keep a sword just in case, but I’d much rather keep my distance. About 9 feet, to be specific. But Arnath demands that I stand true, to not recoil before my enemy. That doesn’t stop the fear, though. It just means i’m better at ignoring it than I was as a child.
I used to hide behind those taller than me. It wasn’t difficult then, as a child. It probably isn’t difficult now, since even full grown I’m still as tall as a child. I would sit close to the fire while I meditated so that I wouldn’t think about how cold I was. In time I learned that letting your eyes adjust to the darkness is the best way to stay safe, so the things in the dark can’t creep up on you. I also learned that venturing outside of Starkhaven was dangerous on its own, but most of the time, incredibly necessary. I still don’t like going out. But bravery doesn’t mean having no fear, it just means looking past it. I can be shaking in my boots and still protect myself.
I’ve never been the loud type. Or chatty. Or talkative at all, really. It’s always been, ‘speak when spoken to, stay out of the way, don’t fall behind.’ Mardrun is a chaotic place, full of people with far more important jobs than just me, as useful as I can sometimes be. Besides, being distracted making small talk never helped anyone. Quiet people are often ignored, which makes it a lot easier to listen in, to observe. To be His eyes. It’s important to stay aware and get the job done. And to stay aware to stay alive.


As Starkhaven settled after the events of The Order Civil War, Simone found herself spending more and more time in the settlement and less time out and about on Mardrun. Eventually she fell into a comfortable routine within the City and found her own way to serve Arnath in her life and actions. Her days of campaigns and adventures had come and gone.

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