Played by: Anna Szwab
Name: Shashikala
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: Syndar
Hair: Brown (naturally)
Eyes: Hazel
Occupation: Alchemist/Ranger
Known Skills: Duel- wielding/ Alchemy
Birthplace: Syndar Village in Faedrun
Notable Traits: Multiple facial piercings, quite anxious

Shashi is a Syndar from modest origins from the Kingdom of Tielorrien . On the journey to the new continent called Mardrun, unbeknownst to the passengers one of them had been bitten by an Undead. It took for several of the passengers on the boat became infected before it became known. All hell broke loose as panicked passengers tried to fight or flee. A lamp was knocked over and the ship lit on fire and she was forced to jump ship, leaving her family and her past behind. She found refuge on the back of the first fellow floater she found.
2 days after jumping the burning ship Shashi was worn, tired and suffering extreme dehydration. A fellow merchant ship found her and brought her on board. They saw the fire and came to look for survivors and extra cargo. One of the merchants took pity on her and once they made it to Mardrun he agreed to help her out.
She lived with the merchant for and time in New Hope and he was also kind enough to teach her basic alchemy. He had helped her learn her alchemy in order for Shashi to have a means of paying for her own necessities. She is also an aspiring dual wielder, although still quite clumsy with weapons. She took her leave from the merchant and is at the moment, currently in transit to the nearest Ranger outpost. Hoping for acceptance she had heard they were looking for recruits.

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