PLAYED BY: Rodd Wagner


CLASS: Warrior

AGE: 21

RACE: Human

HAIR: Blond hair with a beard

EYES: Green

OCCUPATION: Mercenary under Pike

KNOWN SKILLS: Unskilled labor, skilled drinking, holding a sword

BIRTHPLACE: Small village on the Aldorian Coast

APPEARANCE: Chain-mail and black pants

NOTABLE TRAITS: None that are noteworthy.

RELATIONSHIPS: Strong ties to the bottle, Pike and Becca


I was so young during the trip to Mardrun that I honestly don’t remember any of it. As far as I’m concerned I’ve lived my whole life on Mardrun. My parents were both farmers and thus I spent my early childhood working the field and hauling the harvests in. It was tough work but it keep us fed and just enough coin to get a drink and some clothes.

Life was rather boring and there was always a bit too much grain around. I learned rather quickly that I could get discount if I traded with the local brewer. I am not sure if I made out ahead of that trade, but I am not really good with those rune things. I have never been that good of a reader. Never bothered me too much as there was never that much to read either.

One might think that not having money would make bandits less of a threat. It more makes you training material for young thugs. Maybe we shouldn’t have been situated by their forest, but I am not sure there was any other land available. We did our best to keep them at bay but there is only so much a stick would do to a group of highwaymen. I got the shit kicked out of myself often for wasting their time robbing me. Well, around 17 years old, I started to get good at anticipating their strikes, and even began to win some fights.

That made me a rather unpopular man, and the bandit leader was not to keen on me beating up some new recruits. So he decided that as a lesson he would burn the farm down at night. I was at the bar when I got the news. So my bar mates decided the best thing for me was to get me drunk and throw me on a merchant’s cart out of town so I could get out of town for a few days. Not ever sure what happened after that.

Mostly I remember being awoken roughly by a pissed off trader in the middle of New Hope, telling me to get out of his cart. I should have asked him what happened because that could have helped me back home. I got a job as a bouncer in the bar to get myself some coin.

One night, I got stopped on my way from the bar some of the local thugs. I don’t remember that fight that well, but the next morning I woke to a swordsman and some commoner kicking me awake. Rather then being a guard and concerned citizen again, they were Pike and Becca. For some reason, they thought I would be a good addition to their team, and I magically didn’t have the idea to correct them on their mistake. I have spent three years trying to find my hometown with them. Maybe the bandits will tell me.

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