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Serena Oesel

Serena Oesel (nee Galladir)
Player: Manda Rossenbach
Age: 28
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’ 3
Known Relationships: Ronin (Son), Thallan (Brother), Uthyur (Brother)

Serena Galladir was born in Vandregon on Faedrun and has two older brothers named Uthyur and Thallan. Uthyur is 13 years older than Serena and Thallan is 5 years older. They were very close growing up and she was always wanting to sword fight with Thallan when she didn’t have her nose in a book. Her thirst for knowledge was great and soon she was needing to travel to nearby villages to find new things to read and learn. Thallan trained her just enough so that when she was out running around, she would be able to defend herself. When Serena was 15 (Year 254), Uthyur, Thallan and she took a day trip to a nearby city and when they returned, they found their parents dead. Serena was devastated as she had been close to her parents as well. After looking around, they realized that their parents had been slaughtered by the undead. They boarded the next ship and travelled to Mardrun.
Once there, Thallan joined a group of fighters in New Hope determined to avenge their parents’ deaths while Serena turned to books and other artifacts to learn as much as she could. Uthyur, being 28 when they arrived, went off on his own to continue to fight. He had been closer to their father than he was to his siblings. Serena hoped that she would be able to find answers to how best be able to protect herself and her brothers from an unnatural death in the books and artifacts that she researched.
Three years after they arrived in New Hope, Serena met Kyse Oesel and fell in love. They married shortly after, with Thallan giving her away. Serena moved to Kyse’s farm just outside of New Hope and they worked the farm. In year 258, Serena gave birth to a baby boy named Ronin and Kyse was ecstatic. They were the perfect little family. They worked the farm together and Ronin loved playing with his dad. This happiness only lasted five short years however. The three of them were out playing in the field by their house when a group of bandits showed up. Kyse was able to fend them off long enough for Serena and Ronin to get away. Serena ran with Ronin to New Hope and left him with Thallan before going back to the farm where she discovered Kyse had been slain. She tended to the body, packed a few things up and with a broken heart, she left the farm, never to return.
She returned to New Hope with the few items she had and turned to the closest family she had, Thallan. She explained the situation and Ronin and she moved in with him. They continued to stay there while Serena worked on research for the mana construct, in hopes of finding a cure for the corruption. Now that Ronin has started as an initiate of the Order of Arnath’s Light, Serena decided to move to Starkhaven with her son and she is also working on becoming a member of the Order.

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