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September 29th – Daven’s Reach Night Game

The caravan of supplies heading to the Reach was ambushed by roving bands of mordok, but the supplies made it. With an influx of supplies, the provisioner and his staff kept the merchants trade moving. With a handful of Vandregon soldiers, a few Ulven, and some adventurers the Reach’s gates were kept safe from the bands of mordok. Around the campfire, the group tended to their bruises and tried to mend their armor, but without a real blacksmith the armor and equipment started to fail.

There was suspicious activity going on when the provisioner snuck off in the night and met with “a business associate” but supplies were searched for and found. A large harvest of white blossoms and Fae leaves were discovered in the woods.
The provisioner used the distraction of a mordok attack to convince some of the guards to leave the gates and then stole all of the supplies in the Reach. Money, potions, mending strips, bandages, healing supplies, food, all of the gathered reagents from the woods were stolen as he fled out the back gates.

A small group went after him, especially after the gathered adventurers learned that the provisioner was in charge of the supplies and had been acting funny, and was suspected to be working for another noble trying to exhaust Baroness Katherine’s resources, since the Reach is primarily funded by her.

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