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September 270

The leaves begin to change and the heat of summer begins to ebb and wane with the coming of autumn. Mardrun begins to hurry and start the early fall harvests for the bountiful year.

After the discoveries found in the center of the Dirge Swamp, the Celestial Arragoness immediately started to send out flyers and representatives to try and convince the populace of the ‘truth’ of what happened. While the results of these efforts seem to have some success in the City State of Newhope’s lands, the Ulven have had a more adverse reaction. Clan Grimward has closed its borders to all colonists due to the issue, other clans like Clan Spiritclaw are repulsed by the response and are looking into the matter with their Daughters of Gaia and their Truthseekers. 

Word comes down from Clan Steinjottun of a large hunt that took place among the crags and granite outcroppings. The hunt took some of the best of hunters and trackers from each pack and lasted fifteen days to finally corner the gang of elk that had foolishly wandered out of The Great Forest. In the early morning mist the hunters struck and were able to fall a decent number of them before the rest of the gang escaped. When the hunting troop returned, one of the hunters carried a pelt that was jet black, and antlers looked to have been made of obsidian, with enough meat between all the hunters to feed the packs for the fall. 

In Aylin’s Reach, news of a troubadour making a new sensational ballad for the royal court has spread to the masses. Those who have had the pleasure to meet this extravagant bard employed by the court speak of their impeccable word play, extraordinary charm, and immaculate skill with a lute and viol. Rumor among the staff of some of the noble estates speak of some of the noble daughters sneaking off in the night to go meet with this bard of extraordinary skill. 

Rumors come down from Clan Spiritclaw that all their available Truthseekers and researchers are out in full force. From what those could eavesdrop on and guess at, it seems the Truthseekers are busy trying to locate multiple Lorespeaker caches for some reason or another. While the true reason for this now frantic search is unknown to many, but those who have had to deal with the Truthseekers lately do mention a steely determination and are more prickly than usual.

Tales start to flow from some of the seedier parts of towns and settlements of something evil growing in the Great Wolf Hackles. A group of ‘reformed’ bandits were heard talking in Silver’s Crossing about something foul. The story that was told was that of finding a small valley filled with hot springs and plenty of game. However, while they slept there, odd dreams plagued them. Dreams of a bloody massacre, bloodlust, and deep primal craving for more. The band woke up to an unearthly howl that chilled their very marrow. They mentioned it being two days travel to the north of Davin’s Reach, just follow the old logging trail as long as it goes and then continue straight over three hills, but they followed up with a warning; Though they know not all will believe them, they are clear that whatever lived or lives there will haunt them till the end of their days.

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