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September 268

The continent takes a collective sigh of relief with the results of talks between Nightriver, Grimward, and Stormjarl. With it comes a moment of peace and tranquility for the majority of Mardrun.

In the former Clan Riverhead lands, an ulven fisherman reels in a record breaking pike. From the sounds of it, the fish put up so much of a fight that it literally pulled the boat around the lake for an extended amount of time. After the long fight however, the fisherman won out and reeled in a twenty-nine pound monster. Truthseekers appeared on the scene about two days later, and could attest to the size and weight of the lake monster.

New Aldoria’s ramshackled city section has begun to disappear as buildings are torn down and placed onto boats. The process takes down a couple sections and continues on throughout the month. Many are happy that the eyesore is gone from their sight, however they cannot help but wonder what Prince Aylin is plotting by moving so many building materials north.

With the treaty signed and the tensions beginning to lax between Stormjarl and Grimward, a new issue has arisen in Clan Squalborn. The clan leadership decided to align with their invader’s, Clan Stormjarl, in a surprising twist of events. When news of their alliance with Stormjarl reached the rest of the packs, outrage broke out. Many packs are now refusing to support Pack Squalborn within the clan, some of the larger ones even calling into question their right to lead their people due to the decision that was made. Some packs on the northern border are siding with the idea they should align with Clan Steinjutton or Clan Axehound who have showed interest in helping them and have gained some favor with the northern citizens. The southern border has many who agree with the notion of aligning with Clan Stormjarl, which mostly consist of the clan’s leadership and their own people. In between the two borders is utter chaos and bedlam as packs argue and fight over who should actually lead Clan Squalborn in this time, and many claim that they are the ones that should. One thing is for certain, Clan Squalborn is on the edge of an inter-clan civil war.

In the former lands of Pack Goldmane, some ulven traveled the land in hopes of taking a short cut. While traveling this caravan stopped in by a seemingly nice clearing for the night and set up camp. One warrior was left on night watch and on his honor swears that he had a strange experience that night. According to the warrior once everyone fell asleep he heard crying and screams coming a little way off. He abandoned his post and walked towards the disturbance on the other side of the clearing. Once there, he felt a chill as he thought he heard the sounds of a battle and the cries and screams of people around him. He quickly turned back to leave but felt something push him square in his back which caused him to lose balance and trip. In his stumble he rolled down a small hill over various rocks and branches. When he finally scrambled back to the camp and told the story, many scoffed at him and his story, telling him to go back to sleep and that it must have been a bad dream. The following morning he told everyone that he had a sharp pain in the center of his back and when his fellow travellers checked they found his clothes stained with a bloody mark in the shape of a hand. Most have written this off as an injury from his tumble down the hill, but he continues to spread the story of the bloody handprint and how the vengeful ghosts of Goldmane pushed him down that hill.

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