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September 266 – News and Rumors

Numbers within Clan Shattered Spear territory have swelled as the bulk of Riverhead’s remaining refugees have fled there, putting a large strain on their supplies. These ulven are driven, however, eager to strike back against the Mordok that drove them from their homes, and Shattered Spear’s front lines towards the swamp have been thoroughly reinforced by fresh troops. The migration was bittersweet, however: during their retreat, Warleader Brynjar Riverhead was injured and pulled from the fighting. Noticing the morale of his warriors waning, Clanleader Hakon Riverhead took up his spear and shield and joined the fray himself. Though he fought bravely and bought time for his clan to escape, Hakon was struck down in the battle, his body unable to be recovered. Homeless and now leaderless, the clan is looking to High Priestess Lyrri Riverhead and the recovering Warleader Brynjar to take the reins of the clan until a new Clanleader can be decided.

Stirrings in Clan Ironmound seem to hint at a decision to be made soon, and the tone of these whispers implies that it could change the face of Mardrun altogether. Though their leadership has remained tight-lipped about the situation, they have stated they will make their announcement in the coming month, and will expect a response from each clan.

Mordok continue to press even as they are driven out of the Great Wolf’s Hackles, focusing instead on Clans Shattered Spear, Whiteoak, and Squallborn. While Shattered Spear and Whiteoak have the numbers and resources available to defend themselves, Squallborn is facing an uphill battle. With the bulk of their good farmlands taken by Aylin’s Reach and the Stormborn settlements to their south, hungry Squallborn warriors have taken to raiding these territories when they are not fighting against the Mordok. The slowly swelling population of Aylin’s Reach has been able to focus on their own defenses, building sturdier walls and manning more patrols, though it seems the Stormjarl priorities are elsewhere for now.

Clan Watchwolf has issued an official proclamation, one which many understood was coming, though few expected so soon: Clan Watchwolf would be no more. The Watchwolves of Luna to the west, impressed by their treatment at the hands of Clan Grimward, has opted to officially join the clan. Feeling that they have failed in their sacred charge by allowing the humans and Syndar to remain on Mardrun uncontested, they have chosen to rename themselves as Pack Fairtongue, in honor of the diplomats they produced early in the war and the countless lives saved by their efforts. Across the continent, the Watchwolves of Sol have joined Clan Nightriver, keeping their ancestral name. They have spoken at length that they do not believe the colonists are the danger they have been watching for, and seek to continue their charge. However, without their western kin to aid them, they sought the resources and numbers of Clan Nightriver for their own protection.

As the weather begins to cool, movement is seen across the continent, though it is not the Mordok, nor warpacks on their way to do battle against the beasts. This massive march is headed towards the center of the continent within the Great Wolf’s Hackles, and is made by units flying the colors of many smaller groups and factions from across Mardrun. Their common destination quickly becomes clear as their intentions are spouted to those who will listen: they claim to march on the Spire to bring the wanted man Vazra to justice. Many major players across the continent are sitting back and watching the events play out, reluctant to throw their lot and resources in with one side or another for a variety of reasons. Though many details are yet unclear, one thing is known; this show of force will change the course of Mardrun, one way or another.

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