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September 263 – News & Rumors

As the fall continues to get cooler and the trees change color, life continues on Mardrun as farmers harvest their crops. The quiet in the civil war becomes a welcome, if ominous, respite.
Reports have reached the colonies that soldiers wearing blue and green have attacked the settlement of New Oarsmeet. No further information is known, as very little information has been disclosed about what is happening.
The main colony of Newhope continues to provide aid and shelter for a number of Clan Stormjarl refugees, which is still proving to be quite a drain on resources and supplies. It has been impressive that the Council of Ten can work together to keep the colony running and helping these ulven refugees. Some boats have arrived with New Aldorian soldiers; they have returned to the Colonies from their time of defending Stormjarl’s last settlement. Amongst them are some of the City Watch of Newhope, rotating some of their troops home to see their families.
Settlers have arrived in New Aldoria and Newhope from Starkhaven, claiming that conditions continue to worsen. The Order’s supplies have run low and farmers have moved their families to other more prosperous settlements. It appears that after relations went south between the Order and their largest beneficiary (Baron Richards) they have returned to a financial and supply crisis. The Lions stationed in the pass at the Great Wolf’s Hackles continue to report that the pass is under control. Continued reports of organized banditry keep coming in and merchants are scared to travel with expensive wares, threatening to drive up the costs of goods in the future.
This month, Clan Axhound warriors have begun their campaign to raid against Clan Whiteoak territory. Their boasts of conquest and of fighting their hated neighbor are loud, but in reality the smaller Axhound clan will not be able to do major damage to the larger Clan Whiteoak without support from allies. This bold move on Axhound’s part may be a way for the Coalition to solidify another Clan as an ally in the civil war against Clan Grimward if the Warrior Chieftain’ of Clan Axhound are appeased. Clan Squallborn, intentionally remaining quiet and avoiding political talks, have recently mobilized a number of ships. Rumors say that their intentions in the war will most likely be made soon.
Watchwolf allies to the north have requested additional aid. They have said that with the previous raids on their territory destroying many of their farms and crops, they are fearing the winter if it is as cold as the previous years. Allies stationed in their settlement receive iron rations as the farmers and settlers can spare very little. A new militia is being trained by the handful of surviving Watchwolf warriors, but any further military attacks in earnest against their settlements will easily overwhelm these novice warriors.
Coalition members, primarily some of the factions and Clan Nightriver, continue to provide aid and support and coordinated with their newest allies; Clans Goldenfield, Steinjottun, and Shattered Spear. Their aid is much needed in the war and gathering their support has been huge for the Coalition.
Clan Riverhead and Clan Spiritclaw delegates met recently and sent a number of hawks to all of the Clans; their involvement in the civil war will remain neutral but they have joined forces to seek out the mordok activity in the Great Forest.
Rumors spread about Kragen Bloodmoon traveling to numerous settlements in Nightriver territory. Although the focus of the Clan has been feeding and caring for the Stormjarl refugees from last winter and patrolling and protecting the Clan Nightriver borders, the Nightriver Warleader has been overseeing a large training effort of new war packs that has been going on for months, making sure that weapons and armor are on hand for the new war packs. The colonists are happy to hear that Clan Nightriver is well supplied and has numerous war packs on reserve, but the Clan’s allies grow concerned that multiple calls for aid have not been answered yet.

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