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September 26-28, 2014

After setting up a full garrison in a nearby keep, the 5th Regiment of Vandregon’s northern army began establishing a more permanent supply line to support the war. The nearby village was recently overrun by penitent and the underground mines ceased operation. A message was received from a nearby village about a unit of Vandregon soldiers who discovered something of high importance. Upon arriving, the 5th had to retake the village after they discovered that the penitent had captured it and killed the Vandregon unit stationed there. A mysterious necklace was found which began to influence some of the soldiers in strange ways. With good steel critical to the war effort, a small team of Vandregon soldiers went into the mines to investigate. Only a few survived an encounter with the undead and the mines remained closed.

Scouts reported that some of the undead leaders had followed them to the keep and, with the help of several MayKar clerics and Lions of Arnath’s Fist, were able to hold back the undead and force a retreat on the penitent.

Soon it was discovered that the necklace that was found was a powerful item containing dark magic, the MayKar clerics decided to destroy it using a ritual of magic. Attempting the ritual would draw the undead in the area to the garrison. The Army of the 5th held their line and kept the undead back while the MayKar completed their work. Many brave soldiers died in the fight against the powerful undead but the 5th Regiment was able to drive them back.

Now with the war dragging on for another year, getting the mining operation back up and running and maintaining supplies will be critical for the war efforts of the northern army. Secrets remained locked inside of tomes and artifacts found over the course of the war…

Pictures from the event:

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