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September 24th, 2011 – The Aftermath of Daven’s Reach

September 24th – The Aftermath of Daven’s Reach
With the fort of Daven’s Reach up and running again, the tradesmen of the fort expanded their businesses and more caravans arrived with supplies.
The Mordok in the area gathered in number and attacked several groups of adventurer’s and a large battle took place in the outskirts of the mines. They were led by a Shaman, who seemed to be searching for something in the area. He was forced to flee in the first fight, but dropped a satchel with random items in it including more clues. Several people were poisoned and mortally wounded and a stronger defense was established in town.

One of the local authorities posted up a wanted poster that offered a bounty for the capture of a man. Some of the adventurers looked for him and he was eventually discovered and captured, but someone inside of the fort released him. He has not been seen since and has presumed to have left the area… the bounty is still being offered in exchange for this fugitive.
After the Mordok tested the defenses of the fort and were repelled, they retreated to their camp. A large group of well armed and armored adventurer’s set out to find the Mordok camp and search for clues. When they arrived, they stumbled across a camp much larger than anticipated and a large battle took place. Although many Mordok were killed, several adventurers fell in battle and were even feasted upon. They just barely escaped and some almost did not survive the journey back into town.

With fresh blood on their lips, the Mordok counter attacked and threw waves upon waves of Mordok at the fort gates. The stalwart defense of the fort guards and adventurers kept them at bay, but many people were injured and a lot of equipment was damaged in the fight. The defenders used the Idol they found to taunt the Mordok Shaman, who appeared to be enraged that it had been stolen. At first the Mordok attacked in suicidal waves, which then changed to coordinated attacks on the gate with their wounded leaving before they could be finished off. Eventually the Mordok retreated entirely.

Scouts have reported that the group of Mordok and the Shaman have been seen heading towards the Dirge Swamp.

Photos from the event!

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