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September 2020 – Ironmound Reconstruction

Last month, a considerable effort was put forth by traveling adventurers and organizations alike as people from all corners of Mardrun showed up and immediately went to work helping the people of Clan Ironmound. They either started their own efforts or joined in on some of the smaller groups that had arrived several months ago and already began assisting the Clan. Labor pools were coordinated, teams deployed to different areas to work, armed patrols kept bandits in check, healers tended to sick or injured, and mess halls and social spaces created to tend to food, water, and rest. Although no coin was promised and it was clear that contracts were not available to travelers coming in, a considerable amount of people showed up to help and a handful of them even donated their own coin to the cause. Clan Ironmound Chieftains and leaders were impressed; their bristled nature softening as progress continued through the month.

There is still a lot of work to be done; rubble takes time to clear, dead Ulven bodies recovered need funeral rites and pyres, and the bandits are notorious for being stubborn and hard to truly dispatch. Talk around the work camps has been high in morale all month but a common question continues to spring up; will this effort continue in earnest or will it fade out? Rumors begin to spread as well. Some craftsmen and travelers seem to be negotiating payment for their services or being sought after by Chieftains with wealth and a goal to see their areas focused on or cleaned up first. Warriors talk about scouts finding possible bandit camps that could be attacked and their forces defeated decisively. Diplomats loosen their tongues about Clan Ironmound’s stance regarding the Lorespeake Cache and whether they are willing to allow access to it or not. While morale and good intentions still remain key to all of this progress, some personal agendas or the allure of coin begin to darken the edges of the humanitarian efforts of the collective group.

One thing is for certain; Clan Ironmound is keenly watching what the travelers and helpers are doing and focusing on. Now more than ever, the bigger picture of the relief efforts is being weighed by those in leadership positions to see if the efforts are left wanting.


The villages on the eastern portions of Clan Ironmound continue to show incredible signs of altruistic aid and camaraderie. All across the region people of all walks of life, whether Ulven or Colonist keep at the task at hand of seeing the proud people of Ironmound returned to their homes and work.

Wagons bearing the heraldry of The United Collective and the Order of Arnath’s Light continue to make ventures into the area bringing supplies and workers and last month a couple large work crews from Clan Nightriver journeyed into the area and immediately set about on the reconstruction efforts. By and large the turn out is immense and though there were some whispers of people discussing ways that they could walk out of this scenario with some fresh coin in pocket, there has been no evidence that this has happened anywhere. Through-and-through those that are here seem to be here due to the goodness of their own hearts or out of a pragmatic understanding of Ulven politics.

Through the month the nights are again filled with drink, song, and stories. Rumors float through the villages of the combat going on in the pass and the areas further to the east. Not a lot makes it back that can be considered proper news, but rumors tell of great bloodshed though on which side no one really knows.

By the end of the month reports come back that bandits had attacked the support and defending forces with a substantial force, though the fighting was brutal the defenders were able to hold the bandits at bay. Those who had gone on the offensive return with news that they did not meet with the expected level of bandit forces on their outing and they were able to clear the areas effectively. Neither group reported any sightings of any type of leadership among the bandits.

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