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September 15th and 16th, 2018 – Peace or Perish – Adventure Event

After a rocky beginning to their portion of the Shield of Mardrun, Clan Whiteoak was able to rebound immensely last month. With the help of numerous adventurers and factions from all corners of the continent, Chieftain Knut Frostflow of Clan Whiteoak was able to lead a daring mission to retake the lost outpost. The nearby warpacks keeping the mordok forces in the area in check now have a base of operations to return to. In addition, expensive supplies were purchased and delivered or recovered from lost wagons and donated to the efforts to make the outpost more viable. Clan Whiteoak has quickly gone from being the weakest front in the Shield of Mardrun to regaining lost ground and pushing ahead to being a solid defensive line.

However, there is still a lot of work to be done. With the fall season fast approaching, the various leaders involved in the Shield of Mardrun and the war effort know that this is one of the last chances to get the mobilization efforts under control before taking the fight into the Dirge Swamp. If the allies of Mardrun have any hope to be able to launch an offensive against the mordok, the stability of the Shield of Mardrun will be critical to this effort.

Pack Frostflow has been granted the honor and the responsibility of continuing to get the outpost up and running and to expand on any tasks that could further solidify defenses or the logistical and martial potential of the area. Rumor has it that a delegate or Chieftain from Clan Axhound will be making an appearance in order to discuss the Clan’s relationship with Clan Whiteoak and to seek out opportunities for how Clan Axhound can get involved. Based on the recent attempts of Pack Redwind, the neutral pack of former Axhound and Whiteoak members, to get these two clans to set aside differences could prove to be very difficult. The idealistic prize of getting these clans to set aside their feud is still worth it to the Pack and despite their efforts falling on deaf or uninterested ears, they are attempting one final delegation to see if the two clans can see reason.

In this third and final event of the Clan Whiteoak chapter of the War against the Dirge Swamp, players will have a chance to make profound decisions that could result in major changes regarding the Shield of Mardrun and the friend-or-foe status of two ulven clans.


Picking up with the goings-on of Pack Frostflow and their newly established outpost, political stirrings were abundant from the get go. Chieftain Knut Frostflow begrudgingly hosted both Faye Redwind and Chieftain Arnbjorn Axhound within his walls as the two sides were urged to put aside their differences and face the Mordok as one. A handful of missions were proposed and completed to bolster the efforts of one group in attendance. Though the voting was split, the adventurers made it clear that they supported the unity proposed by Pack Redwind. Disgruntled as they were, the two chieftains had little recourse against such a majority.

As the day wound on, the missions were pushed and summarily completed. Time and time again, Faye Redwind and her supporters showed the chieftains that there was hope for a truce. The mordok presence, though noticeable, was lighter than had been expected. Throughout the day, Knut and Arnbjorn were even convinced to sit down together to begin talks; no one expected much in the way of results, but even just breaking the ice between the two would be a step in the right direction.

As the day gave way to the night and yielded to the next morning, Faye was called away for family matters. In her stead, Ianok Redwind took the reins of the negotiations and represented a more forceful Redwind mindset. Despite the unified front pushing them to come together, Knut and Arnbjorn continued to bicker and refused to see eye to eye on much of anything. In a last ditch effort to bridge the gap, Ianok brought the two out into the woods with a handful of guards to watch over them. Their return was more than a little bittersweet: of the seven who left the outpost, none were uninjured and the two chieftains lay dead. A mordok ambush overwhelmed the group, hoping to cut down the leaders of a number of influential organizations across Mardrun. Reminiscent of the founding of Pack Redwind, however, Arnbjorn and Knut cast aside their differences and held off the advancing Mordok to buy time for the others to escape. In their final moments, they were no longer Axhound and Whiteoak, but Ulven, and they died fighting as one. Though the loss was tragic, their final actions will send ripples through their clans. With any luck, this will be the beginning of a new era for the two ancient rivals.

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