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September 15th-16th, 2017 – For the Good of All

Story Information

The people of Mardrun rejoice as news spreads like wildfire across the continent; the means to a cure, a real and full cure, has been found. A scholar in the Chapter of Light District of Starkhaven has uncovered the mysteries of the mana construct. This construct is a unique magic sequence that can be used to create a cleansing ritual that could fight back and destroy the dangerous corruption weapons of the mordok. A vocal proclamation has been made that Starkhaven is going to share this method with both the City-State of Newhope and the leaders of Clan Nightriver. A group of scholars has been dispatched to Starkhaven to get what they need and return to the main colony and begin work on creating a cure.

With a chance to find a cure seemingly on the horizon, word has also reached the ears of desperate people. Refugees afflicted by the corruption or bitter due to recently losing loved ones before a cure was given, have been rumored to be on the road and following the supposed “cure”. People often get desperate and sometimes dangerous when their lives or the lives of their loved ones are on the line.

A tavern located along the newly created roadway of Newhope has heard word that some of the bandits that fled Daven’s Reach have been involved in stirring up some trouble. It is suspected that this group is taking advantage of the refugees and hopes to capitalize on this desperate situation.

The scholars have sent word to Newhope that they are going to wait for an escort back to the main colony and fear for their safety while on the road. Newhope has dispatched a unit of soldiers to reach and escort them, but they will not arrive for two more days. A general call for help has gone out for any people of note and trustworthy factions in the nearby villages and settlements to provide support. The fate of many lives and perhaps that of the entire continent, rests on the mana construct reaching the Newhope colony safely and intact.

Preparing to dig in and wait for reinforcements to arrive, the caravan from Starkhaven happened upon a small farming village along their way whose mayor graciously offered them lodging for the night within his walls. Many of the caravan’s guards remained uneasy and on edge during the night, while others took the chance to let their guards down and relax. Though some of the rougher citizens of the town seemed interested in seeing the visitors off quickly and a number of heated exchanges took place, no harm was actually done. Tensions and tempers rose throughout the evening as strange howling was heard in the woods and a number of mischievous acts took place. As the sun rose the following day, though, the mana construct and its bearer were still safe and accounted for.

Moving out shortly thereafter, a more organized force approached the adventures with their goals clearly laid out: they sought the cure, and they sought coin, and were more than willing to kill for it. To prove this point, they brought forth some hostages they had taken; a cleric of Arnath, a corrupted young mother and her infant child. As the adventurers pressed in to collect the hostages, warnings were shouted and blades were drawn across throats. In the ensuing chaos, the mother nearly bled out before being rescued and tended to by the healers, as was the cleric. The child was not as lucky, succumbing to her wounds in the arms of her captors. The scene appeared to create just enough of a distraction for the bandits, who managed to make off with the mana construct. With the leverage they needed, the bandits were able to keep their would-be attackers at bay, though a traitor in their midst nearly gave his life to return the device to the caravan. Too concerned with the well-being of the mana construct, the bandits were not pursued and remain at large, though their initial plan to take the cure for themselves was thwarted.

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