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September 13-15, 2013


The town of Barnmuth has fallen to the undead plague. Although the soldiers of the 5th Vandregon stood against terrible odds, the commander has given the order to retreat. Harrassed by penitent, the 5th has moved Northwest and setup a new base in a nobleman’s estate. The 5th has garrisoned the keep and is resupplying the troops in an attempt to link back up with allies. Runners have been sent with messages to try to reach the main army to the South but will not return for quite some time. As squads of soldiers link up with the 5th’s commander and fill into the ranks of the Vandregon Army stationed at the keep, the penitent continue to advance into the area.
With the help of the May’Kar clerics and a Paladin’s holy focus idol, the 5th recently destroyed a gravestone and forced the undead in the area to retreat. With the penitent in pursuit, the commander knows that the undead will bring their terrible weapons and magic to the fight soon. A message from Vandregon allies stationed in a town nearby have hinted at an important finding, one that could help fight back against the undead.
The 5th Regiment stands their ground and prepares the battle line to stop the penitent advance and search for clues on how to combat the undead army.
With full scale war erupting across the continent of Faedrun, will the members of the 5th Regiment be able to hold out as the undead plague continues to grow? Will they be able to fight back and discover clues to mysteries that may help them win the war?

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