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Selena Stargazer

Played by: Shana Aber (shanaaber@gmail.com)

Name: Selena Stargazer

Gender: Female

Age: 34

Race: Ulven

Hair: Redish Brown

Eyes: Blue

Occupation: Cleric, Truth Seeker,

Known Skills: Divine Magic, Literate

Birthplace: Everspring Grove, Clan Spirtclaw Territory

Appearance: Average built woman standing about 5’5. Redish brown hair and blue eyes.

Notable Traits: Under Armored for wandering such a war torn area. Carries a Staff.

Bio: I have seen a lot. After all, that is the easy part of my job, watching. The truth of things is often more than just the words people tell you. Words do not always match people’s actions, and the truth often lies somewhere in between words and action, but you don’t really care to hear about my job. That, I suppose, is another story. You want to know about me.

I was born in a place call Everspring Grove in Clan Spiritclaw territory. It’s the largest settlement in the territory. Most of the Colonists have a specific word for that kind of settlement – a capitol. To me, it is the place where the Clan Leader and the High Priestess are located, so that makes it the place I need to report back to regularly. We visited it often when I was a child. My childhood was only somewhat typical for a Ulven – my father was a Truth Seeker, as am I, so this required us to travel a lot. The entire family would go with him on hist travels for company, support, and security. My mother was from Pack Sjóúlfur and had the spirit of a warrior, so there was no way she was going to let him go off alone, anyway. It was either all or nothing with my family.

I learned to read and write, as all Truth Seekers need to to do, by the age of 10. At 14 Gaia, blessed me by choosing me as a conduit for her love. The first time her power flowed through me, I saved my younger brother from a stab wound he received during what suppose to be just a friendly wrestling match. My grandmother oversaw my training as a Daughter, while my Father taught me how to find the truth around me. I received my Markings at the age of 16. My cousins teased me mercilessly at that year’s Pack Thing. Saying that I didn’t have the Great Wolf’s favor and that he was going to eat me on my Journey since I only received small fangs as my marks – my eyes did not yet show the grace of the Great Wolf despite Gaia’s gifts to me. It is believed, at least among my pack, that the physical blessings of the Great Wolf indicate his favor. The truth of it is something we may never know, as no one knows until they go meet the Great Wolf. I like to think it just means I resemble the Great Mother more then the Great Wolf.

I took a mate at 23. Torolf had followed us for weeks trying to convince my father to teach him. Father finally agreed after a month of persistent pestering. There are not many Truth Seekers outside of the Clan Spiritclaw, so his pack and clan would see this as a noble feat. I watched him closely during that time: his arguments were sound and his determination echoed in everything he had done. He showed that he was a capable hunter as well, bringing four grouse when he tried to win my favor. He did not lack in martial ability, either, beating my brother in combat. I don’t think my brother was trying very hard, but I never mentioned that to Torolf. His pursuit was flattering – especially from one who was so attractive. Our son, Asgier, was born five years later, under the Moon of the Tale Singer. He began to speak early – and incredibly eloquently – so I believe he shall one day find a path to use this gift.

Everything changed last year. Dad was on a journey; he had been gone for quite some time and hadn’t told us what he was doing. We had bartered for shelter in one of the settlement near the Dirge Swamps for the night. The plan was to get some Pineed sap the following day to make more bandages for trade. That didn’t happen. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time. We had picked one of the settlements that the Lich and his army came through. My entire family was killed, and I was grievously injured by those horrors. The worst, though, was the fate of the child I was carrying, as I was four months pregnant at the time. Get me drunk enough and I may tell you the more gory details, but without the shield of alcohol, the memory is almost too painful to relate. I clung to life long enough for my cousin to find me, hours later. Clan Spritclaw sent some Daughters to aid the forces that had gathered to fight the Lich in the final push. She found me among the rubble and stayed with me while we did rites for everyone. Some of the settlement’s residents survived, either by dumb luck or the good sense to stay hidden. My cousin asked me to take them someplace safe since I was in no shape to help with the Lich, so we fled as quickly as we could. Thankfully, I later heard that the Lich was defeated, his evil gone from the land.

I traveled back to Everspring Grove and told the Clan Leader and High Priestess what happened to my family. They were mortified by what had happened and bade me to go mourn and rest in the safety of the settlement. I was working in the kitchen of the local tavern when my cousin – a guard for the Clan Leader – came to get me, saying I was summoned. I was told to take the place of my father and to seek the truth in the Ulven Civil War. Rumors have run rampant for years and concern is growing. So I wander, watching, learning, trying to figure out if there is a way to stop our cousins from killing each other and get them back on the Path that Gaia has set for us.

So that is my story, what is yours?

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