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Santiago Ruiz

Played by: Dustin Endres
Name: Santiago Ruiz
Gender: Male
Age: mid-twenties
Race: Syndar/Human
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: brown
Character Website:
Known Skills:
Birthplace: Aldoria
Appearance: long hair, usually with a beard, and is quite dirty
Notable Traits:

I don’t rightly know where or when I was born, but I spent my childhood with my mother, Rahlyn, in Aldoria. She never really seemed all to happy bout much especially when I asked her about why we didn’t live with all the other Syndar, nearest I could figure her and them just didn’t get along, she did give me a human name after all. Momma always seemed quite distant and I would often see her circling her hands around each other in a very peculiar manner then seeming awful down when nothing happened. Now none of this is to say that she didn’t love me, I don’t really know how but she always provided for me and made sure I never went wanting.
When I was still real little momma told about my father. He is Mordecai Francis Konrad Ferdinand Blackwaters, captain of the Blue Ruby. She told me that should we ever find each other we would be able tell by a birthmark we share on our backsides.
Momma had lots of friends around town, mostly men who would come by and stay a little while then leave again. One day momma had a fight with one her friends, a man dressed real fancy. I don’t know what they arguing over but when they finished the man came up to me still looking angry and told me that, even though i was still young, he was gunna to take me to help build some ships.
So I helped with these ships for quite some time until the day Aldoria fell. I remember seeing the streets in chaos as I tried to from rush from the docks back to momma. A hit to the back of my head ended my run real quick, and by the time I woke up we were already out to sea on our way to Mardrun.
When we made land, we were at the settlement of New Hope. I made a small shack at the edge of town, it ain’t so hard compared to making ships, and kept to myself for a small while. After a while supplies became more spread out, so began to do whatever I could to keep alive, which often meant stealing or even taking less than reputable odd jobs. There were plenty of other Syndar there in New Hope but I figured Momma didn’t like them much so best to just steer clear of them too. After what must have been a few years of just scrapping by, I got caught trying to steal from the home of someone who frankly had more than enough to spare. I managed to not get captured, but I figured my face got seen and it would be best if left New Hope and I had heard that Aldoria had set up shop in a new town so I headed there.
My arrival in New Aldoria seemed like as good a thing as any to celebrate so I hit the closest tavern and spent what money I had left. This New Aldoria was a fine town, lots of people to cheat money off of, I barely even had to steal to get by. When I could, I paid to stay at an inn or tavern, but more often than not I had to sleep on the streets. Before too long I heard tell that the Blue Ruby had made it to Mardrun. I spent the next few months spreading whatever coin and drink I could manage trying to get leads on the Ruby, I did eventually hear tell that daddy was alive. It felt like a was never gunna get ahead of the ship to able to track it down until finally I heard that I had just missed him in town and that he made mention of heading to some place called Onsallas. It was real easy to figure out what that place was but its gunna take some work to get there, best get on it.
Relationships: son of Mordecai Blackwaters
Rumors: “I hear that both of that street-rat’s parents are criminals”

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