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Salguod Natanieal Nightclaw

Salguod Nightclaw/ Natanieal




Brown hair

Green/Blue Eyes
Occupation: Traveling warrior

Known Skills: Fighting

Birthplace: Icewolf Village in Whiteoak Territory

Appearance: Tall, slightly attractive, broken front tooth, bearded.

Notable Traits: N/A

Salguod Nightclaw is of Pack Icewolf of Clan Whiteoak. He is also the eldest son of the pack chieftain and by rule of the pack the eldest son takes over after the father is gone.

At the age of 13 he went hunting to begin his of age training, something he had been doing since the age of 7. On the hunt, he comes along a large mountain cat, kills it, and does the spiritual ritual. On his way back home with the fellow hunters they find their homes have been ransacked and they hear fighting.
They rush to aid the fighters but Salguod is told to run and hide, and he complies. On his way down through the forest, he is followed by a Mordok. Salguod takes many injuries but succeeds in slaying it, but afterwards he faints.

Syndar happen across this battle and see Salguod is only unconscious. They know that Mordok are around so they carry him to safety, which is a nearby cave. Three days later, and with much camouflaging of the cave, Salguod wakes up and the Syndar explain they found him and healed him. Salguod finds that he can’t hear out of his left ear. The Syndar said there was nothing they could do about that. He asked if they had heard or seen anything from nearby villages. They had not. Salguod left in a bit of a hurry to his village. He finds that his village is decimated and his pack is nowhere to be found. Everything was burned down. He found remnants of a battle that raged three days ago. He traveled to a nearby village to see if that one survived. Salguod found that had been ransacked and burned to the ground. The Syndar followed him to make sure he would be alright.

When they found there was nothing left for him the Syndar offered for him to travel with them, under certain conditions to maintain inconspicuousness. Salguod agreed and took up the name Natanieal. Over the 7 years he learned what they felt he needed to learn.

Then he left them to become a traveler of sorts and took on his old name again. He has been searching to find what remains of his pack for survivors. He has heard much of what happened with the clan that his pack was a part of. He intends to find survivors and bring back the Icewolves and claim his birthright as chieftain of the Icewolf pack.

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