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Runa – [Hersir] [Renowned]

Age: 18

Class: Warrior

Race: Ulven

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Gray

Occupation: Blacksmith

Appearance: Dark clothes, usually black

Runa was born 18 years ago in a village on the edge of the Great Forest, within the borders of Shattered Spear territory, in the dead of winter. She was comfortable with her family and her life in Pack Silver Creek and spent most of her childhood trying to learn whatever she could from the people there. Her warrior mother, Ingrid, and blacksmith father, Jorah, devoted themselves to teaching her everything they knew. Her father taught her everything he knows about taking care of weapons and armor, while her mother taught her all she knew about fighting and preserving your honor. Both her parents were quiet people; they mostly kept to themselves outside of the most basic social contact. They always wear darker colors, and Runa takes after them in both aspects, though her packmates think she is a slight bit more social than they ever were.

As much as her father tried, he was never able to teach her anything about being patient. She felt that being patient was a waste of her time and it angers her. Some say her impatience comes across as rude. Expect dagger to thunk in the door behind you if you want to make her wait. Though, even with her lack of patience she was always a quiet one, often only speaking to a person once she grew to trust them. She was often caught staring at new people, but never showed any shame in it. She never trusted easily. Though once you get to know her, she might have a quick witted comment for you.
Having heard many stories of unnecessary killings of perfectly capable Ulven, it confused her. Why kill those who are able to fight? She found that she hopes to not ever have to harm another Ulven. She would much rather use her skills against Mordok and the threat they pose. She does, however, see the purpose and necessity of sometimes having to fight another Ulven.
When her mother died in a battle, she was devastated (not that anyone besides her father saw any of her grief). After Ingrid died, she listened to her father talk about her mother’s heroic deeds with focus. Most of the stories he was telling, her mother had never told her. That day, Runa realized she still had much to learn. Now that her mother was gone and unable to continue teaching her, she realized it was time to move on in search of greater training. She traveled for half a year, learning the importance of the currency the Colonists brought with them and gaining a sort of sympathy and respect for them, but mostly a lot of confusion of their traditions and rituals. Having never been taught how to read when she was young, she found traveling on her own was quite difficult and often felt regret leaving her pack. Even so, she remembers how necessary it was for her to leave and is still in search of something more substantial for her and how she wants to live.

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