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Rogar Shadowfang

Played by: Allen Zautke
Name: Rogar ShadowFang
Race: Ulven
Occupation: hunter, warrior
Birthplace: ShadowFang village. Raised in pack graytide village
Appearance: black hood over chain mail, Vandregon colors
Notable Traits: missing right eye, covers it with black cloth
Relationships: William Aurgrim: commanding officer.
Rumors: “He was once Graytide. How can he be trusted?”-over heard around the fire.

My name is Rogar ShodowFang, former member of pack graytide, now a soldier of the vandregon army.
How is it that a former pack member of graytide could find himself fighting in a human army. First I never truly held any strong ties to pack graytide. I am a ShodowFang and my loyalty is to my birth pack.
Pack Shadowfang was a strong pack known for its skills in tracking and their knowledge of stealth. Though we didn’t have the mightiest warriors, a trained ShadowFang warrior could almost disappear in to any environment and attack his enemy’s weakness with deadly precision . A true Shadowfang warrior would pride himself on his ability to defeat an enemy before his enemy knew he was there. Killing was not our only skill, as we had many fine craftsmen and our hunters and farmers kept us fed. We thrived in the land Gaia had given us, and I was born into this life.

It seems though that this prosperity was not meant to last. Our elders tell of a time when the mordok gathered in numbers we had never seen. This raid cut a path of destruction across the our land. The ulven packs banded together and brought down this threat. But the damage had already been done. Pack ShadowFang village was caught in the path of that horde. And over night more then half of our pack was slaughtered. With our numbers decimated and little hope of rebuilding, our nearest neighbors pack graytide took us in. In the graytide village our elders tried to keep what was left of our pack together and to hold on to our culture and way of life.

Like many others of my pack my parents were killed trying to defend our home. Growing up an orphan in the graytide village, my life was not easy. Though we were taken in by our graytide brethren we were never truly accepted and were seen as not much more then squatters. The graytide warriors saw our way of combat as cowardly and backhanded . They said if we were strong warriors, we wouldn’t need to “sneak” about. I was raised mostly by the elders of my pack. I learned all I could of our old ways and in time I grew to be a strong and skilled warrior.
Then came the day I will never forget. The day that started me down the path I am on to this day.

I was asked to join a hunting party and tasked with tracking some mordok near the boarder of graytide land. While on the trail of the mordok we came across a human caravan. The hunt leader, a vile ulven known as Davor, ordered an attack on the humans. I protested saying this was not our mission and the humans were no danger. Davor insisted in the attack telling the other hunters that the humans were trespassing on graytide land and the intruders had to be made an example of to the others. I did what I could to talk Davor and the others out of the attack but the bloodlust and hatred of the humans in graytide eyes was hard to over come. Davor ordered me to attack or I would be treated no differently then the enemy. He then ordered us to fan out and move in to striking range. I know I had to stop this I would not stand ideally by as innocent lives were in danger.

As we got into position I snuck ahead of the others and made my way towered the caravan. I was with in a stones throw away when I sprang my attack not on the humans but on my graytide brothers. I broke cover and shouted to the humans in the caravan that they were under attack and to flee. I then turned my attention to the graytides now charging towards me. I had to slow them down or they would over run me and I had to give the humans time to escape. I didn’t have a bow but I did have my daggers and I threw one at the nearest graytide hitting him in the shoulder. As he staggered from the hit he tripped and fell in the underbrush. As another charged me I sunk a dagger into his thigh. As he fell to the ground I had just enough time to parry a sword attack from my left. It was Davor and as he advanced for another attack he yelled, ”you’ll pay for your betrayal Rogar!”
“And you will pay for your bloodlust, you and all the rest of clan Grimward. Your hatred will only bring suffering to the Ulven nation.”
“You are no longer part of that nation. You dare strike your fellow ulven brothers to protect those filthy outsiders?” As Davor spoke two more ulven joined the fight and surrounded me.
“I will not let innocent lives suffer for your pleasure Davor.”
“Now it is you Rogar that will suffer. Get him!” Davor and the other two graytide rushed me. I did what I could fighting three on one but they eventually overpowered and disarmed me. The last thing I remember from the fight was sharp pain and everything going black.

When I awoke I found my hands bond and two graytide were dragging me to my feet. They toke me over to where Davor was standing and threw me at his feet.
“Its time for you to pay for your betrayal.”
“Do your worst Davor. You will get no pleasure from me.” Davor was known to make his victims suffer before death. And I would not give him the satisfaction of knowing my pain. My former graytide brothers took their turns with fist and boot but I would not cry out. Then Davor took matters in is own hands, he grabbed a dagger and drove it into my leg. As he twisted it in my flesh he carefully studied my face. As I grimaced from the pain he spoke.

“Your stronger then you look Rogar.”
“If your going to kill me get it over with. I tire of your games.”
“A worthless traitor like yourself does not deserve a death from a true warrior. No I will leave you here broken, and let the scavengers pick at your bones.”
Davor yanked the dagger from my leg and called over two of the other graytide who restrained me.
“But first I think we should carry out an old traditions, an eye for an eye.” with that Davor set to work carving out my right eye, infecting the most amount of pain he could. Though I had taking their punishment so far the pain of the endeavor was too much for me to bear and before I passed out from my torment I’m sure that even the Great wolf heard my screams that night.

When I came to night had fallen and dark clouds fill the sky. Davor and the other graytide were gone. They had taken my weapons and equipment but had failed to find the blade hidden in my boot. I was weak from blood lose but I found the strength to free myself from my bonds. I then set to work assessing and bandaging my wounds. My right eye was gone cut completely from my skull, and the wound in my leg was very deep. With what cloth I could spare from my clothes I did my best to treat my injures. I had to get out of this area case some scavengers actually did find me, I was tracking Mordoks after all and I would not be able to fend off an attack in my state. But I was tired and my senses were dulled and soon became disoriented. I blindly stumbled though the night, I didn’t know which way was which or in what direction I should be traveling.

If my ancestors could see my now, a shadowfang lost in the wood. I thought as I leaned on a tree to collect my self. I hadn’t been walking long and all ready I was exhausted , I could feel the strength in my body leaving me. A sense of dread crept up my spine, could this be my end?

“NO! You will not give up here! You can’t let those graytide get away with this.” I told myself and was right I had to survive. I gathered what strength I had and soldered on. But as a toke my first step I found no strength in my body and fell to the ground. I tried to get to my feet but my body, my muscles would not listen to me and I collapsed on to my back. As I gazed up at the gray sky my vision darkened as my eye slowly closed.

I suddenly felt a presents and a cool breeze on my face that shock me back to reality. As my eye opened I could see the clouds in the sky part and the sky filled with stars and the brightest moon I’ve ever seen to this day shone down on me.
“Luna.” I said out loud. My people had always revered the moon. And now as her gaze fell upon me I felt a surge of strength pulling me to my feet. With the light of Luna guiding me and the stars to follow I managed to regained my bearing and started heading south out of graytide lands. I came across a small stream, there I drank and washed the blood from my face. I then cleaned and redressed my wounds. I followed an old game trail for a time that lead me to a path traders and travelers must have used. I made my way down this path, it was well worn and easy to follow. As I came over a ridged over looking a small valley, I noticed the smoke of a settlement just over the horizon. But I was weary from travel I needed to rest and regain my strength I would make for the settlement tomorrow. I fond a comfy spot next to a large tree where the underbrush covered my presents from anyone walking down the trail. Before I closed my eye and drifted to sleep a said a small prayer to Luna and swore a vow that as long as I had strength in my body I would protect the people of this land from anyone who would bring them harm.

When I awoke the next day the sun was already high in the sky. I gathered my self and made my way to the settlement I’d seen the night before. I left the trail and toke a more direct route. As I got with in eye sight of the settlement, it looked to be a human trade out post. I also came across sets of tracks I knew far too well, there were graytide in the area. I quickened my pace toward the settlement if the graytide were this close they must be planning an attack. As I entered the building I warned the people inside of the graytide in the area. Most of the people went out to meet them two stayed behind and treated my wounds. After the battle many of the fighters came back injured a couple of them severe. I knew we wouldn’t be able to survive another attack and told the others to gather any supplies they could carry and leave the area. Before we could get organized the graytide burst in the back door and set fire to the building. I grabbed the nearest weapons and tried to give people time to get out. Out side on the trails they pursued us and once again I found myself fighting my former graytide brothers for the sake of strangers. Eventually our enemy broke off their pursuit and we were able to catch our breath.

The survivors and myself made our way towards Nightriver territory. It was this time that I first meet Venator, one of the ulven from the settlement. He complemented me on my fighting skill and my willingness to protect the weak. He then told me of vandregon and asked me to travel with him to New Hope where I could meet a man named William and join the cause.
I now fight for something greater then myself. I will fulfill my sworn vow and protect the people of this land from all treats to them.

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