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Rexton Atherton

Player Name: Canyon Crays
Contact Info: canyoncrays@gmail.com
Character Name: Rexton Atherton
Preferred Pronouns: He/Him
Class: Warrior
Age: 20
Race: Human
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Sword for hire and general bodyguard for the Hand of Midas
Known Skills: Trained as a soldier and is skilled in shield and sword
Birthplace: an insignificant village in the northern reaches of Faedrun
Relationships: Imrick OakenBrow is his oldest and only friend and one of the few people whose
opinion he respects
Rumors: Strict to his morals and can be almost reckless with his life if it means protecting

I grew up in a backwater village that almost no traveler or merchant would give a second glance at. My family being what was closest to that of the healers of our village helped treat the sick or wounded in any way we could. Since I was a child my mother taught me the teachings of Arnath and the ideals of helping the weak. She tried to teach me medicine and to heal others trying to steer me away from the path of a soldier but I never took well to the practice. I loved playing with wooden swords. My older brother used to tell me stories of a big war where we used to live. He told me he was sad because his friends went away forever or were hurt real bad.  I wanted to go out and stop these violent actions from happening in the first place. To prevent people from being hurt.

Years later, we moved to a new continent named Mardrun. So looking to the Order of Arnath, I decided to join and wanted to become a soldier fighting to save lives directly rather than waiting and healing them after they happen. I had big hopes and dreams for a young kid and the best I could do was random chores as a youth recruit to the Church. We trained a little, and I usually beat the other kids, so I felt I was ready to start training for real. However, there was a problem; I lacked any connection to divine magic. Without it, I would still be able to serve in the military but I couldn’t be an actual part of the Order. I thought this idea to be idiotic. I had the will and drive to serve with my utmost ability but without the presence of divine magic I couldn’t become even the lowest ranking member of the Order. I was fine with this though as simply being able to help in their missions was doing my part. That was until my superiors gave me orders that acted directly against them.

We knew about the tension in the Church; that something was happening between the two remaining chapters. Then all of a sudden everyone was yelling and they were gathering people and everyone was fighting. I saw armored Lion’s battering hammers on each other’s shields. I saw soldiers in the same heraldry cutting each other down. I saw bodies in the blood covered dirt.

I couldn’t believe it. The Order of Arnath was supposed to protect the weak, uphold justice, and be righteous. Now they burned the bodies of a number of their ordained, their Layorder followers, and the young neophytes who believed in the cause… killed by their own during their “civil war”. I spent so much time thinking I would be a great soldier one day and all I could do was hold my training sword in my trembling hand as we were escorted out of the area.

This experience stuck with me for some time after that as I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I decided I would drop out of the youth recruit program as soon as I could. I hadn’t sworn the oath yet so I was free to leave if I so chose to do so. So after meeting with a fellow soldier, Imrick, who felt similar about his experience I left to fulfill my goals on my own. He told me about an adventure he had going to the Outlands and his ideas of forming an adventuring group. We wouldn’t be alone for long however as we eventually met three others who had an interesting idea. They wanted to create a business of sorts. One that ventures from place to place lending hand and skill to help those it could only asking in return what could be afforded. If a villager needed medical attention but could only cover half the cost we would still do it or if the weapons of the town guard needed to be repaired but the governing Lord gave them too little a budget to cover it we would still help them.

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