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Resources & Actions

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The world of Last Hope does not halt when players leave and go home after events. The world continues to exist in the background and our characters have a chance to do things during downtime mechanics. There are certain skills like Profession and Resources that are specifically tied to doing things in-between events.

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Scroll through to view some Resource Submission examples and their responses!

Example of sending a letter to an NPC:

Reed will use Resources: Courier to respond and send a sealed letter to Celestial Arragones, or her scholars if they are the ones that receive letters in her place. Included in the letter is the mentioned research.

“Dear Celestial Arragones,

My name is Reed, but I understand if you have not heard my name before.  I have joined multiple of your expeditions into the swamps and forests to the north as well as assisting your researchers where I can. Firstly I wanted to thank you for hosting such a wonderful dinner for politics and research; I have added a vial of Gold Fynch Oil to this letter as a token of my thanks. Your employee that ran the dinner did an excellent job managing the many different tasks and groups, which I hope she was able to provide you with my initial message that I gave her that day.

Through my time spent assisting your researchers and traveling to many different lands I have gained a large network of associates and a variety of skills. This has allowed me to pull off my latest feat which you will likely be hard pressed to find someone else that has accomplished it to this extent. It is research that you likely would not want your name on in accomplishment, but would be harmless and useful if you happened upon it afterwards. Luckily I have handled the research so no one’s name is currently on it, and I will gladly assist you in “discovering” the extensive notes to it. For these research notes, I have a favor I would like to ask of you in return.

I have a letter with a couple of questions on it that I would like sent to an associate of yours. I had a chance previously to ask him these questions but emotions had me squander the opportunity. Furthermore I would contact him myself but have no way to directly do that which is why I have gone to great effort in gaining something to provide you in trade for your assistance. No matter what his reply would be, I would still gift you my previously mentioned unique research. I wish you good fortune in future expeditions and I eagerly look forward to your response.



Between searching around for new and interesting items in the shady underbelly of Newhope, and spying on a person of note, you almost forgot about the letter you gave the Arragones. This is made apparent when the same courier form last time appears and hands you a letter and stands by, almost as if he was waiting.

From the offices of Her Grace, Celestial Arragones, Duchess of Newhope. Drafted and Written by her Illustrious Steward, Vezrin


After looking over the information that you graciously granted Her Grace and her illustrious and learned scholar’s, you were right to share such information with us. Many of this one’s colleges are busily studying and analyzing what information you have sent us and cross referencing against what we have already gathered on Mordok. To our surprise, Her Grace has limited information on this subject and is grateful for your scholarly donation to her library. As such, Her Grace, Celestial Arragones had decided to grant your request for a reward.

Our courier awaits your response,


Reed’s next action can be responding to this letter.

Example of selling an in-game good:

Submission: Rodrick will use Resources Economics to sell his 10 leather swatches in Aylin’s Reach.

Response: You find a few buyers who are willing to buy your leather swatches. Someone has offered you 8 silver for 5 swatches. One man is willing to buy all 10 from you for 20 silver. Do you want to sell all 10 for 20 silver, or keep 5 and sell the rest for 8 silver?

Rodrick now has the choice to keep some of his leather swatches or sell all of them. It won’t cost the player another Resource Action to decide which deal he takes, he will just have to email his response.

Example of purchasing an in-game good:

Submission: Alaina will use resources Economics and the skill appraise to buy ore this month, only spending up to 20 silver.

Response: While visiting the Fire Isle you are able to locate a trader offering imported ingots at a price of 3 silver each.
The merchant looks you up and down before patting the small crate at his side. “I have 4 available for sale! Better think on it quick.” He gestures to a short line of prospective buyers behind you. “Take ’em or leave ’em. What’ll it be?” How many ingots would you like to purchase?

Alaina now can decide how many Iron Ingots she would like to purchase. It will not cost another Resource Action to make this decision, the player will just need to email their response.

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