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Patty McConnor O’Mulligan McHair O’Sullivan McGee Malone

Player Name: Tyler Dubey
Name: Patty McConnor O’Mulligan McHair O’Sullivan McGee Malone
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Race: Human
Hair: brownish Red if grown out
Facial Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel
Occupation: Beggar man, hobo, vagabond
Class: Rogue
Known Skills: Lore: Survival (0), Lore: Political (1), Pierce (7), Resource: Gather Info (13), Resource: Spies
(14), Waylay (5), Sap (6), Traps and Devices (13), Break Away (8)
Birthplace: Faedrun
Appearance: Ratty green tunic, sometimes with a black undertunic, pack, and hammock.
Notable Traits: Accent and that lovable charm
Patty wasn’t always a wandering vagabond, in fact he was once a well respected member of society back
in Vandergon. During that time, he worked the fields, farms, and helped the elderly, and many more
altruistic actions that never gained him anything other than the smiles of those around him. However,
when the penitent attacked his home village. He was left with nothing but remorse and sorrow, his
heart heavy with the grief of those lost. From there on out, Patty wandered the lands, helping those that
needed it. Whether it was just a small laugh, a momentary smile, moving their belongings, it brought
some small hope to him that the world shouldn’t be forsaken.
It was by his sheer luck and charm that got him on a boat to Mardrun, even if he had to be smuggled.
Once on Mardrun, he took to wandering the land doing odd jobs to earn coin to just eat. Some of those
jobs were to help set up traps for wild game, help a group of bandits steal some coin, help repair a sail
for some pirates, listen to the woe’s of a nobleman, split wood for and elderly couple, and the list goes
on. For during these travels, Patty has procured many wild stories and experiences that he will gladly tell
the willing, and unwilling, around a campfire in trade for some food and good drink.
And when you finally sit down and listen to a story, you too will fall under the most lovable hobo’s

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