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Oryn Neowyrd

PLAYED BY: Shawn Smith

CHARACTER NAME: Oryn Neowyrd or “One”


CLASS: Rogue

AGE: 31

RACE: Human

HAIR: Dirty blonde, messy

EYES: Hazel

OCCUPATION: Passive Information Gatherer, Merchant, Diplomat

KNOWN SKILLS: Merchant and Political dealings

BIRTHPLACE: Aldoria’s main shipyard city

APPEARANCE: Average looks, taller in appearance and heavier build. Often found in more expressive clothing benefitting merchants or diplomats. Strong vibrant colors, with patterned fabrics.

NOTABLE TRAITS: Able to set up long-term dealings geared towards helping support a strong business foundation

RELATIONSHIPS: Neutral to positive with most faction leaders and adventurers. Leader and friend to Double, and in charge of leading a few people within his Agnosco chapter guild like Tyden Resborn.

RUMORS: “Why do the Bloodmoons want him?”

“His family actually uses his stores to collect information from various travelers.”

“His mother had connections to the sailors who found Mardrun.”


Oryn grew up on Faedrun in the city, so he had only heard stories about the undead. His father, Wyrn Neowyrd, operated several successful stores that catered to many tastes in the Aldorian shipyard district. Customers all over Faedrun saw his wares, and Oryn could hear everything from them: tales of soldiers battling the undead, some new law passed in the great Syndar capital, and anything in between. He loved to hear the stories that came from all across the continent. With his interest in learning more about the world, he found it useful to help his father with his work. Of course, some of the customers rambled nonsense, while others told amazing stories.

As well as helping with the stores, Oryn assisted his mother Ryiah. She was a representative to an Aldorian household, one which helped finance a voyage to discover new lands in case of a final victory by the undead. IF the undead were to ever run over the lands people had owned for generations. From his mother, Oryn got a taste of how political operatives worked.

As he grew up, he did occasionally get in trouble with unsavory characters who were mad at losing to his father’s business practices or his mother’s connection to the Aldorian household. But being in the cities, security was fairly tight, and while Oryn received some self-defense training, he had next to no experience actually using it.

When Faedrun was on the brink of collapse, the Neowyrd family departed for Mardrun. Oryn was sixteen. By the time he turned seventeen, they had managed to reestablish some of their merchant work in the new land, and hired the Blythe family to keep an eye on their increasingly independent son.

Three and a half years later, an attack apparently aimed at Oryn destroyed one of the family stores and killed the Blythe parents. Oryn and the surviving son soon learned that the Neowyrds were in fact involved with the information-gathering group Agnosco. Seeking answers, both boys began to work their way deeper into the organization.

By age twenty-six, Oryn stepped up to become leader of one of the Agnosco guilds. The work was complex and challenging behind the scenes, but his background tempered by his experience made him a capable and clever leader. Agnosco was flourishing.

As wars come and go, new secrets revealed, and alliances formed, Oryn Neowyrd has his hands full controlling his guild and keeping various sources of information happy, while Double and the others chase down the leads that could have vital revelations for the future of Mardrun.

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