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Player name: Brian Maas

My name is O’Frik of the Phoenix Enclave from the Fire Isle. I am a trader by profession, born 120 years ago in the year 144 in the May’Kar desert.

Traveling and trading with the May’Kar was exciting and profitable; life was good. But then we had to leave. Our Magis Yara had a vision from Solar that required us to pack up everything and move to a distant land. My life became overcome by guilt, remorse, and shame. Guilt because I didn’t want to go; Remorse for my friends and family who didn’t leave; and Shame for leaving so many behind.

The journey became a struggle for all of us who left. We lost much of our wealth on the journey from thieves, raiders and the many bribes it took to cross overland to the great sea. No ship would believe in our quest for a new world and it took almost every coin we had left to hire 1 captain, the 2 ships needed for our people, and what we thought would be enough provisions for the voyage and starting over. The humans took every advantage to free our pockets of coin. They marked up everything they sold to us by 3 times.

As the voyage started, we were coinless, demoralized, and discouraged. We began the sea voyage by being split up onto the 2 ships.

The voyage was nothing like us desert dwellers had ever experienced. Cramped quarters; bad food; not enough food or fresh greens; all because the humans had taken advantage of us to line their pockets. I have no love for the humans. So ready to rob, steal or over price-their goods to get rich off the many other races. I am bitter against them. Many of my friends sickened and died on that voyage. Worst of all, we lost the 2nd ship.

We finally found land and our lives became better. Slowly. We were wanderers and traders before-now we have become farmers and hunters. While we usually have a natural talent for magic, it was not much help starting our settlement at first. Then we found out we were not on a huge mass of land but on an island. Totally isolated. It was lush and green from the warmer waters around it, but I missed trading with others. The traveling. The excitement. Then 4 years ago we found out there was land to the North. Contact was made with humans at the settlement of Crows Landing and some trading began. We now have a caravan and life is getting better for all.

As it turned out, we were right to follow our religious leader. We left before the undead took over. Now everyone from the old mainland of Faedrun have become exiles or a part of the undead horde that took over there. The new land mass to the north is called Mardrun. Hope is ahead of us and we will continue on to become a prosperous people once again. The Phoenix is all that matters.

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