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October 28th, 2017 – Foothills of the Spire


Tension grips Mardrun as a combined force calling themselves the Allied Group has marched to the foothills of the Spire. Home to the Archons, the Spire residents begin to raise concern over an organized force arrived at their doorstep. A treaty has been delivered and verbal exchanges made among the Spire settlement and the Allied Group’s camp. The Archon’s independence from outsiders is threatened as the treaty states several terms, including bringing in a wanted criminal, controlling research, and payment of reparations as a fine. The Allied Group seems steadfast in their treaty details and has given the Archons a timeframe; by the 28th day of October, at noon, the Allied Group expects an answer to be given be the Archons and how they want to proceed. This will give each side of this conflict a chance to negotiate moments before a decision is made.

A counter offer to the Allies’ original treaty had been put forth, and now tension hung in the air as the deadline to accept or refuse drew near. With allied forces waiting just outside the gates and Archon citizens preparing themselves, negotiations between both groups’ leadership were slow-going. Some residents of the Spire chose to accept Vazra as their savior, while others denounced him as a madman but remained proud Archons. Either way, these people would fight for their homes. Slowly but surely, cooler heads grew in number and in volume as the terms of the treaty on both sides were analyzed, explained, and discussed. Claiming his right to the title of Archmagus of the Spire, Faolan led those who would follow him in denouncing the actions of Vazra and beginning their life anew. Only those devoted to their former leader resisted, though Faolan’s magic and the combined numbers of the allied forces and the archons themselves quickly and nonlethally apprehended these protesters. Whether or not this new structure can withstand the trials of Mardrun is yet to be seen, though many feel it is a step in the right direction.



As the events at the gates unfold, the farms of the settlement of the Spire are quiet… for now. The Allied Group has laid siege to the farms, cutting off the farmers from the critical fall harvest. Farmers, Spire defenders, and soldiers of the Allied Group stare each other down quietly but ready to act at a moments notice once a decision is made at the gates. Should the defenders be able to break the siege on the farms, it could allow them to continue harvesting to gather much needed food and supplies.

The bandits, led by the man who had previously tried to steal the Mana Construct from Newhope and their scholars, not-so-patiently waited to hear the sweet ring of combat. They had been offered looting rights if they would fight for the Spire, and knew that no fighting meant no looting, and no looting meant no payment. Taking matters into their own hands, the bandits soon turned on their former employers, many of whom were already nervous at the thought of such ruffians protecting them and their belongings. Where they hoped to find a broken, injured people scattered throughout the settlement, however, the bandits soon met a wall of determined archons set on keeping their homes intact. To the surprise and ire of the attackers, these archon forces were reinforced by the very allies they were supposed to be fighting against. Now outnumbered and outmatched, some bandits fled while others still tried to extract their payment. By the time the dust settled, several dozen bandits had met their maker, with a handful more either captured by the allied forces or wounded too severely to continue fighting. This display of unity has led to a glimmer of hope for the future of the Archons and of Mardrun as a whole.


For pictures from the event, click the link below!

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