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October 272 – News and Rumors

The harvest season is in full swing across Mardrun. The areas that are not currently locked in battle with the Mordok have started building up their stores for the coming winter. Luckily Clan Goldenfield has had a bumper crop year and they’ve already begun to set aside excess grains and vegetables to be sent to Shattered Spear to make up for their lost harvests. As people mill through towns and villages, trying to get the most of the last few warmish weeks before things begin to wind down they bring with them News. And. Rumors!

The newest member of the Newhope Council, Duke Aailmyr, has been hard at work since he took up his new title. The Syndar District of Newhope has seen a great amount of activity in the recent months. It seems that the invention of Enchanting has caught the eye of many of the Syndar of Newhope as they see it as a way to help work toward restoring some of the cultural glory of their peoples on Faedrun. To this end Duke Aailymr put forth the capital to start a training program for young Syndar within the city who wish to take up this trade and help to bring back the delicate beauty of Syndar magic works. The pale blue arcane lamps that recently began to illuminate the Newhope Market District have been revealed to be the first of many projects that Aalimyr has planned to bring a kiss of Syndar culture to Newhope. Only time will tell how this young Duke will leave his fingerprints on Newhope.

Further news from Newhope! The Council has been hard at work building diplomatic ties with the strange Syndar from the Outlands. It seems that these efforts have begun to pay off. A small delegation of Northern Syndar have agreed to travel to Newhope and to develop a proper understanding of the people in the South. Duchess D’Argent sent a ship along the west coast of Mardrun and picked up the visitors from the outpost on the western side of The Outlands and brought them back to the docks of Newhope. The voyage went well and reports say that the seas were calm and that little more was seen than Ulven fishing boats off the coasts of Grimward territory. Newhope has pulled out all the stops and will spend the next few months attempting to ingratiate themselves to their new guests.

A chronicler has been working their way through Shattered Spear lands and recording the stories of any of the Ulven who were able to be saved from the grips of the strange madness that has been plaguing their lands. This scribe has begun detailing their findings in a book that they no doubt plan to sell, but some of the stories have escaped their grasp and found their way to the ears of eavesdroppers giving way to a series of rumors that have spread over the continent. The core truths that all of these rumors seem to hold is that the maddened Ulven all believed themselves to be fighting Mordok warriors at every turn when in reality they were fighting Ulven and Colonists the entire time. They also seemed to have believed the real Mordok to be nature spirits that had come from the forests to help them battle back the “massive Mordok army”. It is very common for these Ulven to pass out upon being cleansed and when they awake the last thing they remember is being surrounded by Mordok. Hopefully the assault on Silfurfal will see this bleak chapter in Shattered Spear history come to a close.

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