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October 270

The harvests around the continent are well underway. The fields of grain, late season vegetables, and hunting parties are hard at work to prepare for the long winter ahead. However, there are other events happening throughout the lands.

The largest commotion by far is that of multiple Clan Leaders and High Priestesses of Gaia putting in a request for scouts from Clan Steinjottun’s famous Pack Fleetfoot to head into the heart of the Dirge to verify the rumors that have been spreading about the Ancient Syndar and the origins of the Mordok. With Pack Fleetfoot being the best trackers and hunters on the continent, as well as possible volunteer’s from each clan to help protect them, the truth of what happened all those eons ago will be verified.

To the south in Clan Nightriver along the coastline stories of a different kind drift in. Gossip tells of an until recently forgotten glade. The tale goes that a group of merchants were wanting to cut some time off their travel and took an old logging road. After three days’ travel the merchants came across a large glade with a few houses on stilts around the edge. While staying in one of the houses for the night, two caravan guards spoke of what followed while drinking by the fire.
That during the night when the moon reached its height, the wind began to pick up for no reason. In the wind came voices, voices from beyond the veil. They said to run, run away far from there, before she arrives. As the guard started to think they had too much to drink a scream came from a neary shed, as they looked at the window in the firelight they saw blood spray onto it. Soon a high pitch cackle came from another nearby house, followed by more screams and sobs. They woke the merchant, dragged them to their wagons, the goats nearly mad with fright, and fled into the darkness. They warn to stay away from the location, for it is quite likely haunted.

In the Citystate of Newhope has been struck again by the Mass Murderer that has been plaguing them for the past year. This time the victim was at a hunting lodge where Sir Gordon Lanley the 3rd, a retired Knight of Vandergon who’d served during The Fall, was found butchered in the usual fashion along with his family where they were staying. No sign of forced entry was found and all the doors but the front were unlocked. The sight is rather gruesome, the only reason they found the bodies so quickly was due to a burning Vandergonian Regiment flag outside on a staff.

In happier news for the rest of the continent, festivals begin to spring up all around the land. The joy brought from such a bountiful harvest this past year could be felt through every clan and colonist town as town centers flare to life with lantern light, torches, and the sounds of laughter. Sales of salted pork, smoked fish, candied apples, winter goods flood every festival, along with their own unique games. In Clan Axehound there are wrestling contests, in Clan Goldenfield pumpkin growing contests take place for the largest gourd, in the Citystate events of ghost stories and hard cider drinking contests take place at every small hamlet to even the largest colony.

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