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October 268

With the coming of October comes the full swing of the harvests. Many of the people of Mardrun take part in harvest festivals, celebrating another good harvest. However, these are not the only activities happening across the land.

In the lands of former Clan Riverhead, bandits have secured a foothold and have begun to shift into small factions and bands that contest over the land. These bands of thieves and raiders fight over preferred caravan routes, villages, and other valuable resources. In this group of are two groups of bandits that have been gaining in both size, support, and resources. However neither side seems to be attacking one another and rather focusing on the smaller groups.

A strong late fall storm ravages the coast of Clan Whiteoak, blowing down many trees and damaging coastal villages. However, after the gale force winds took their toll on the land there was a stranger washed upon the shore near one of the villages. According to those from the village it was an extremely old boat that didn’t seem to fit any style known to the village. Some are saying it was from a forgotten clan from before the Lorespeakers altered the history, and some others say it very well could be of Syndar make.

For the past year researchers under the Celestial Arragoness have been studying the remains of the broken Syndar Pylon found in the Riverhead lands. Those who work around the estate claim that the team has been working in shifts in order to continue a non-stop research method. Many are saying that this method, while showing results, has been taxing on the researchers. Many are stating that researchers have been passing out during their shifts due to exhaustion from the workload and expectations from the Arragoness.

Those that were fishing off the coast of Crows Landing or visited villages near it have heard rumors of extreme oddity. In the harbors and fish markets, rumors of sightings of the fabled Aldorian Fish person have sprouted up once again. Many are stating that the sightings mostly around the coast surrounding Crows Landing. One ship has even stated that they were tempted by its song to come closer, but were thankfully able to row away before they succumbed to the call.

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