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October 26, 2019 – The Aettinjav

The Clans met upon the approved grounds of the Attenjav, along with many that came to support Clan Stormjarl and Pack Squallborn while some others came to support the challenging packs that sought their independence. With the forces gathered, armed for whatever challenge that may lay ahead, the challenges of the Packs were laid out before them. Tests of martial might, endurance, divine power, and accuracy were laid at the feet of Pack Squallborn and those backing them, each a mighty task in their own right.

Trial after trial the rebelling packs attempted to win, each with almost a fanatic drive to succeed. However, throughout the day the might of Pack Squallborn’s supporters held true, winning the pack multiple victories with their valor and physical prowess. They even succeeded in winning against the ancient and lethal Wolf’s Maw challenge, a death match between two champions. But at the end of the day, two packs won their independence from Pack Squallborn and left to join Clans Whiteoak and Stienjottun 


Those backing Clan Squallborn claimed the day a victory, even though they did not win all the challenges. With the day finally at an end, the packs that had lost at their respective challenges bared their throats to Pack Squallborn and to Clan Stormjarl, and with the setting sun Clan Squallborn became a part of history.

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