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October 267

While the war wages on to the north in the Dirge Swamp, the rest of Mardrun continues their daily lives and hussle of the fall harvests.  


In Starkhaven, a large group of heavily armored warriors march northwards towards the swamp and the front lines. Many of the faces are recognized to be former members of the Order of the Fist, which has been disbanded. Under new orders to go on a penance crusade, this crew of warriors march onwards towards the swamp, to either redemption or their deaths.


The Colony of Davin’s Hold has been expanding at an amazingly rapid pace! Walls have been improved, a holding is built, store houses are erected, a temple and library continue to be under construction. It seems the Governess Catherine is eager to expand as much as possible and become a rival of New Hope in scale and size. As it stands, some of the civilians view such construction projects too hasty and sudden, many others say otherwise.

Davin’s Hold isn’t just expanding in buildings, also in populace. It is now spoken that the colors of Vandergon can be seen flown on the banners of her lands. There is also words that speak of those whom were once of Vandergon making their way to Davin’s Hold, heeding her call to reform, and bring back what was once lost. While there are only a few, word seems to be spreading at an alarming speed.


Meanwhile, back in City state of New Hope, the power vacuum left by the departure of some of the former council has not been forgotten or uncontested for. One such noble, Celestial  Arragones, has been noted by many to be soaking up the contacts, support, and influence that has been left by Governess Catherine and her aides. As to how much power she has obtained, it cannot be truly guessed at but one could guess that it is more than a fair share of what there was left in the wake.


The war is quiet this month, as the nearly countless warriors move up to the wall to prepare. While there is little fighting at the moment, the forces dwell on regrets, loved ones, dreams and aspirations. The forces enjoy this small calm before the storm, for what lies before them is what hasn’t happened in their written history. A united force of ulven numbering over three-thousand fighting together against the mordok menace.

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